Fitness for Mothers with Children

Do you have a baby, summer is here and you love exercise? Fitness for Mothers with Children Just move your workout outside and take your toddler or baby with you.

Training after pregnancy, no matter how long ago the last unit was, actually only brings advantages: a better body feeling, melting pregnancy kilos and a stronger body. Movement also improves the quality of sleep, which should not be underestimated in everyday life with a baby.

Fitness club  is the founder and creator of and offers fitness courses especially for mothers. As mom, and she speaks from her own experience, we rarely find time for an athletic me-time. Although every mother knows that fitness is good mentally (gives energy) as well as physically (physical strength), athletic performance is still usually a secondary issue.

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“Mama Fit” is what it means when we want to do sports as mothers, either alone or in a group of like-minded people. The baby or children are there, play, sleep or try out the exercises for themselves.

Sure, maybe the training would be more intense if we did it without children, but some exercise is always better than no exercise at all, right? Just give it a try. Or do you know someone who would not have been happy about the short sporting break at the end of the training?

For mom fitness training, you only need your own body weight, small appliances or objects in nature such as a tree trunk, a wall or a bench. With it you can already train the body holistically and build strength and endurance. The exercises can be easily adapted to the current fitness level at any time. So nobody is neglected and of course you can sweat a lot. Founder has put together some exercises for you at home or in nature.

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