Benefits of Sport on Your Health

weight loss and fitnessTo be in good shape, as we all know, playing Sport on Your Health is essential. Endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, breathing… regular physical activity impacts your body and your mind. But did you know that sport can also protect you from illnesses?

Work on your immunity

Immunity is your body’s ability to ward off disease. Over the years, your immune system may become less effective, and you get sick more easily.

But rest assured, we have the solution! Exercising will help you work on your immune system. Scientific studies have shown that regular physical activity increases the number of white blood cells in the blood.

It has even been observed that a 75-year-old athlete has the same immune capacities as a 20-year-old! By playing sports, you therefore avoid getting sick by getting rid of viruses and bacteria present in your body.

A feeling of well-being

Running, swimming, dancing…very good exercise for body shape and more Benefits of Sport on Your Health You can improve your quality of life while doing yourself good! Indeed, when you play sports, your body produces endorphins. This happiness hormone causes a feeling of calm, serenity and sometimes even euphoria. It diffuses its calming virtues and protects you against the blues, the feelings of tiredness or the muscular pains. Goodbye back pain: the best treatment is movement!

A muscular heart

For good health, there is nothing like a sport activity to improve your endurance, such as running or skipping rope very good Benefits of Sport on Your Health! As your heart rate increases, blood circulation increases and regulates your cholesterol levels. As the sessions progress, the heart is muscle, and thus protects you from the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Sport yes, but in moderation

Regular physical activity is essential to boost your immune system. Be careful thought to excess! On the contrary, practicing a sport too intensely would tend to suppress the immune system. It is often observed that athletes with too much training load acquire infections more easily. It is therefore important to find your balance!

Today, we can say that physical exercise leads to longer and healthier lives. To achieve these results, you don’t need to be a marathoner: 30 minutes of sport per day is enough to take care of you! As Hippocrates said, Exercise is man’s best medicine.


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