Low Fat Diets for lose weight

lose weight fastStarting a low fat diets is not as simple as starting to eat what we think is best or the diet passed to us by a trusted friend. It is advisable to visit a specialist to give us a personalized diet and have a follow-up of it. On the other hand, it is also advisable to find out, for example, the myths and realities of low-fat diets

Low fat diets: myths

Before reviewing the myths of low-fat diets, it should be remembered that for a diet to be effective, we must combine it with a training routine. If you don’t know where to start, try some specific exercises to burn fat that will give you results in no time and will multiply your motivation when it starts to decline.

The first of the myths to disprove is the one that states that reducing fat intake is the same as eating a low-fat diet. Nothing is further from reality.

We must be clear that there are different types of fats and that the body cannot do without them for its normal functioning. Thus, we should not think that we are going to eliminate fats, what we will do is limit consumption to those that are beneficial for us. It is especially important to take the necessary contribution of proteins to the body, if we train regularly.

The next myth is the one about dinners. Can you eat after certain hours? Not only can you, but you must have dinner in the evening. At that time, the body is already working on recovering muscle tissue and, for this, it pulls fat from the body, just what we are looking for with this diet. Now, if we don’t give it some energy, it will start to take in other necessary nutrients.

Of course, dinner is not heavy or copious, but light and, obviously, without a single carbohydrate.

And at night to the supermarket. The third myth leads us straight to low-fat foods. Or, in this case, the so-called low-fat. And the fact is that there are not a few who on their label claim to be low in fat, but they do not warn that this loss of fat is compensated by an increase in the levels of sugar or sodium.

The result is that these low-fat foods are more detrimental to your diet than their usual version. Never forget to look at the ingredients before buying any food.

The last of the myths that we are going to demystify is that of five meals a day. It is not necessary to eat five meals a day. There will be days that you do 3 or 4, and there will be days that you do 6. The important thing is to plan and that the sum of these foods does not exceed the nutritional needs that you require on a daily basis.

Make a menu, spend your time shopping and cook in advance so you don’t get caught by the bull. It is also important to always carry a healthy snack on hand, because you never know when you will get hungry.

Low fat diets: realities

And from the myths we move on to the realities of low-fat diets. Scientifically proven, measured to deliver the best possible results, and complete confidence. However, as we mentioned at the beginning, it is advisable to go to a nutritionist for a study, follow-up and a diet adapted to our circumstances.

Another obvious reality is that you can snack between meals. In fact, it is very difficult not to do it, if between meals we allow 3-4 hours for digestion to be efficient. What we will do is substitute those unhealthy snacks, bars, chocolates and snacks between meals, with fruit or vegetables that we can always carry with us. It is much more satiating and its fat intake is minimal

The last of the realities that we present to you is one of the most logical: frying with oil, butter or lard is over. On a low-fat diet, frying is prohibited.

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