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DietingMany people struggle with excess pounds. You try countless diets, which are usually associated with a high level of renunciation and therefore do not bring long-term success. If you return to your old eating habits after the diet, the pounds will also come back – the yo-yo effect.

If you want to lose weight in the long term, you can do this through a combination of exercise and conscious nutrition. But the whole thing has to be balanced. In addition to proper cooking, training plays an important role. Through targeted fitness measures, you can stimulate fat burning, build muscle mass and increase your basal metabolic rate.

The 45 minute weight loss program is an ideal lose weight workout with which you can train your entire body in a short time.

1 kilo of fat = approx. 7,000 calories

You hear this rule of thumb again and again in the fitness world. It says that in order to lose 1 kilo of body fat, you have to burn 7,000 kilocalories. And how will that work? By consuming less than you consume over a longer period of time. It will help you to increase your basal metabolic rate. It is well known that athletes can eat what they want without gaining weight. This is primarily due to the increased basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate describes the body’s energy consumption when it is completely at rest. If you increase your basal metabolic rate through regular training, you can also consume more and still remain in the deficit.

No weight loss successes without a change in diet

Proper nutrition is of course the basis for successful weight loss. For example, you should keep your blood sugar level constant through small, regular meals such as nuts, fruit or vegetables in order to prevent food cravings at the same time. A protein-rich food such as fish, lean meat, eggs, etc. tightens the connective tissue and above all helps to build muscle. Would you like to have your individual calorie requirement per day calculated? Tools like the calorie calculator and BMI calculator help you realistically assess your fitness and weight loss goals and put them into practice.

Lose weight through weight training

Women in particular are often afraid of large mountains of muscles and therefore neglect strength training. The muscle building increases the basal metabolic rate and lean muscles look attractive. The best way to achieve effective muscle tightening is with the help of a fitness device that specifically targets individual muscle groups. If you want to carry out sustainable training like in the fitness studio at home, you can use the cable pull module of the FT1. The multi-faceted training supports you in achieving your goals. Do you have motivation problems? Then challenge your friends to a challenge! If there is no space for a combination device at home, dumbbells and weight cuffs can also help with weight training for weight loss.

Weight loss cardio exercise

Losing weight by running, cycling or other cardio training helps sports enthusiasts with weight problems. It has long been known that cardio training is essential for burning fat. By training on the cross trainer, treadmill or ergo meter you can not only burn calories, but also easily integrate sport into everyday life. We recommend that you exercise three to four times a week for weight loss. Beginners train twice a week and slowly increase the intensity. The duration of the training should correspond to your own fitness level. Depending on the device model, your motivation can be maintained thanks to integrated training programs and ensures the necessary variety during training. In the meantime, experts have largely revised that you have to train for at least 30 minutes before fat burning starts.

Lose weight through cardio exercise

Lose weight with a cross trainer – convenient pulse control

If you want to lose weight through cardio training on a cross trainer, you will not get past a pulse-controlled device. We recommend a chest strap for accurate pulse measurement. This gives you the opportunity to question your performance and not to overestimate yourself. Another variant is the pulse check with a hand-held heart rate monitor. However, in order to keep an eye on the pulse during the entire training session, it makes more sense to choose a device with a pulse receiver for chest straps. In addition, these cross trainers also offer four pulse-controlled training programs to make it easier to lose weight with the cross trainer.

The fat burning pulse – a wives’ tale?

For a long time, cardio training in the low heart rate range was also considered a secret recipe for losing weight. You should train with a heart rate of 60 to 70 percent of the maximum pulse. The maximum heart rate

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