How you quickly Slim your way up to visible abs

Easy Ways to Lose Weight FastThe food for a six-pack: Your diet is the key to a slim, sporty core. Our nutrition plan shows you the way to get there effectively and in a tasty way

The good news first: You already have them – the much sought-after abdominal muscles. Now we just have to make it visible. And you are well prepared for this with our nutrition plan for abdominal muscles. After all, the saying that abs are made in the kitchen is true.

Diet actually plays a far greater role here than exercise. So you need to change your food habits. With our tried and tested and at the same time tasty nutrition plan, we make the change very easy for you. So in 8 weeks you will get great six-pack results – we promise!

What Makes the Nutrition Plan So Effective?

For example, not giving calories. You read that right! We have deliberately omitted them in our abdominal muscle guide. After all, a calorie is not just a calorie. A broccoli calorie affects your body completely differently than a gummy bear calorie.

This applies not only to macro and micronutrients, but also thermally and hormonally, for example. A much smarter guide than looking at energy is to focus on the composition of your meals. The focus is therefore on the question: What ends up on your plate? The bottom line is that a targeted combination of meals with natural foods automatically regulates the quantities – at least upwards.

In other words: you will simply be satisfied faster with our food ideas. It is therefore extremely rare to see someone overeating on healthy food. Makes sense right?

Easiest Way to Lose Weight


Don’t I have to starve for abs?

If you have the right food strategy in place, it certainly doesn’t. Due to the filling effect and the portion sizes of our dishes, you will most certainly feel full, but not full, after every meal.

In contrast to a calorie-based diet, we focus here on a change in diet that you can adopt for yourself in the long term. In addition to the 2 main meals provided daily, you can also include 2 snacks in between meals every day, depending on your needs. Smart options, such as low-fructose fruit, a handful of berries or an avocado, can also be found in the plan.

What role do vegetables play?

A big. The basis of (almost) every meal in the plan is always healthy greens. Each dish also contains a valuable protein component from both animal and vegetable sources. In addition, two special features await you, namely two popular food groups that you will now consciously avoid: cereal and dairy products.

These basic rules alone will get you in the direction of the visible abdominal muscles in a hurry. For an extra turbo, we also ignite the tried and tested method of interval fasting and consciously put our carbohydrates in the evening. Behind this is the knowledge that crabs make you sleep better at night and that you most likely exercised in the afternoon or early evening. At least that would be the time we warmly recommend. The increase in blood sugar caused by dinner has (even) less of an effect.

Is low crab or low fat worth it?

We rely on the former for health reasons. But if you eat a low-carbohydrate diet in order to reduce your body fat percentage, you should also focus on healthy fats. After all, your metabolism needs some form of fuel. If the crabs drop to a minimum, the fats come to the fore. And, contrary to their reputation, they are even healthy and, above all, productive. As the ketogenic diet impressively shows, even a high-fat food strategy can effectively reduce body fat.

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