How Many Muscles Does A Woman Need?

obesityTo get that straight ahead: I myself run more of a risk of turning into a pug than a muscle machine and have therefore never thought about the topic of women and muscles. Until the day when my colleague Dirk complained about his suffering.

How many muscles does a woman need?

In the discotheque he fell in love with an attractive blonde and soon the first date was on the way. But unfortunately, Dirk had a serious problem with his new flame: She likes muscles – and not only with others. Because when she stood in front of him in her summer dress, he noticed what he hadn’t even noticed in the dark disco: The woman was well-built, but not like Pamela Anderson, but more in Arnold Schwarzenegger style. However, since he found his conquest very like able and sweet, he continued to meet with her.

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But even at the first more intimate body contact, he did not feel up to her strength and therefore delivered a rather poor performance himself. I have nothing against a well-toned body, on the contrary. But if she is more muscular than me, I somehow have a problem, Dirk explained his dilemma to me.

He is far from alone with this opinion. According to surveys, many men think a sporty, tight figure is great, but it shouldn’t be more than that. For some guys, the muscle issue even leads to macho expressions of opinion, such as: Muscular women are a nightmare fantasy for me. Or: We are there for sport, that’s enough. But what is the reason for this rejection? Perhaps the previously undisputed strong sex sees muscles as the last bastion of masculinity and fears for its monopoly on strength due to the increasing number of women swinging dumbbells?

Of course, there are also men who are tolerant or even enthusiastic when women are also physically strong. Good thing, because as long as everything is done with the right, i.e. natural, things, everyone should be allowed to do what they like in bodybuilding.

Dirk also jumped over his shadow and got involved in a relationship with his superwoman. However, the two are no longer together. After a few weeks, his sweetheart confessed to him that she really found him very like able and sweet, but that she was missing something crucial about him.

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