Exercises for Abdomen and Buttocks

StrengthensTighten your Exercises abdomen and buttocks extra strut with a kettle bell and a solid abs and ass attack.

  1. One arm swing

Here’s how: hold a kettle bell (kb) in one hand and stand hip-width apart. Then move your upper body slightly forward, your arm back between your legs and throw your hips forward while keeping your arm stretched and swinging to about head height.

It is important that the movement comes from the hip and that it is the buttocks that work – not the arm or shoulder.

2. One arm kettle bell sit-up

Here’s how: lie on the floor with a kb in one hand. Be sure to fix your shoulder to keep your arm stable. Tighten up the abdomen, stretch the arm and move up to sit at a 90 degree angle to the hip. With your arm still outstretched, you now slowly move down to the starting position.

3. One leg dead lift

How to do it: stand with a kb in your hands in front of you, straightens your back and stand on one leg. Slowly move your upper body forward while bending slightly at the leg you are standing on and stretching the other leg upwards. Drive as far down as you can, without letting go of tension and the straight line through your body. Straighten back to starting position on one leg. The exercise requires a lot of balance, and you can therefore support with the foot you are not standing on if the balance is tight.

4. Bootie bridge

How to do it: lie on the mat with your arms down at your sides and your feet on the floor. Lift your hips as high as you can while tightening your buttocks. Then step forward with one leg first and then the other so that you are standing in a small bridge with both legs stretched and your heels placed on the floor. Be sure to keep your buttocks free from the floor. Then step one leg at a time back to the starting position, still with the hip raised from the mat.

5. Windmill

How to do it: stand with a wide distance between your feet. Take a kb in one hand and stretch your arm up toward the ceiling. It is important that you fix your shoulder so that you can keep your balance during the exercise. Move your hip slightly out to the side where you have your arm stretched, and then bring the opposite arm down to the ankle while keeping both legs stretched. Check the movement and move up slowly again. The exercise requires you to keep a tension in your core throughout the movement.

6. Core rotation

Here’s how: lie on your back with both legs outstretched toward the ceiling. If you cannot stretch them completely, a small bend in the knees is fine. Take your kb in one hand, and then stretch that arm up toward the ceiling. Fix your shoulder so you can keep your arm stretched. Then move both legs to the opposite side of the arm you are holding stretched up toward the ceiling. See if you can get your legs to stay together, and get them almost all the way down to the floor. Hold a 90 degree angle at the hip. Run slowly and controlled both legs back and straight up to the ceiling.

7. Plank to kb

How to do it: lie on a plank on your elbows. Tilt your pelvis under yourself, and tighten up well in the abdomen and buttocks. Place a kb half a meter in front of you. Then alternately reach one arm instead of touching your kb. Keep your hips still, being careful not to rotate your upper body? Imagine that there is a glass on your jerk during the entire exercise.

8. Goblet squat

Here’s how: take a kb in both hands, turn the bottom up and hold your kb at chest height. Go down in a deep squat, and push up through heels and the middle of the foot on the way up.

9. Side lung

Here’s how: stand with a kb in hands, arms bent and your kb facing up. Now step one leg obliquely backwards so that the knee almost hits the ground just behind the opposite heel. Be careful not to move your upper body forward, but keep a straight back. Tighten your stomach and step back to the starting position.

10. Half get-up

Here’s how: lie on your back with your left leg bent and your right leg stretched. Take your kb in your right hand and stretch your arm up toward the ceiling. Fix your shoulder so you can keep your arm stretched. Place the left arm out to the side so that ninety degrees is formed between the body and the arm. Lift yourself up using your core. And shock with the left hand. From here, push your hips up to form a small bridge. Right arm is still stretched, and left hand on the floor. Get back slowly down by tightening up your core well.

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