Exercises for a Tight Hip Flexor

Slim bodyAre you dying with a tight hip flexor? We have found 4 exercises that can help you. Together, the exercises will give you a better function in the hip, back and pelvis and a good chance that your stomach will contract.

How to get the most out of the exercises

To get the greatest effect from the exercises, it is important that you do them in the order in which we present them. If you are busy one day, you can also pick one out and do it – it is definitely better than nothing.

Together, the exercises will give you a better function in the hip, back and pelvis. Your stomach will most likely also become flatter. If the deep hip flexor is too tight, it pulls on the pelvis and tilts it forward so that the abdominal wall falls forward and becomes more visible. The exercises remedy this and loosen up the hip flexor.

Exercise 1 – relaxation

This exercise makes your hip flexors relax and it is essential for you to get something out of the next exercises.

Breathe properly

Your breathing is important, because only when you breathe deep down from the diaphragm is the deep hip flexor (poses major) stimulated. Then stamp the diaphragm up and down and massage the muscle.

How to do the exercise

This exercise makes the poses muscle relaxes, and thus you get a lot more out of the next exercises. See the picture opposite for the correct starting position.

Lie down comfortably on your back with your feet on the floor. Take evt. a small pillow under your head, or lay your legs up on a chair if it makes you more relaxed and gives you a lighter breath.

Begin by relaxing your entire body. You do not have to stretch anywhere – only your respiratory muscle (diaphragm) should work. Now breathe in as deeply as you possibly can. Feel how your stomach lifts when you breathe in, and passively lowers when you exhale completely.

Breathe in this calm way for as long as possible, but for at least five minutes. Take your time, and slowly make your breathing deeper and deeper with each breath, so that you sense that you are drawing the air all the way down to the pelvic floor. Feel how the lumbar spine melts more and more into the ground while your poses major muscle is being massaged.

Exercise 2 – agility

In this exercise, you will work on making your muscle suppler. It is important that you lie exactly as described below.

How to do the exercise

Now you need to work the muscle as the elastic it is. You will need two small balls or a rolled up mat so that your pelvis is lifted and stabilized.

It is important that you lie in exactly the position we describe if you are to have the full effect of the exercise.

1) Lie on your back and place the balls or mat under the pelvis so that the lower back is tilted slightly downwards. Bend your left leg and grasp it with both hands. Stretch your right leg up toward the ceiling. Do not feel a violent stretch anywhere, so bend your knee if necessary. Lie down as shown in the picture opposite.

2) Now lower your right leg down towards the floor while slowly counting to six. It is important that the tips of the toes point upwards. Keep the other leg, back and pelvis completely still, and avoid the back swaying. Lower the leg so far that you feel the elastic give way on the front of the hip. (see picture below).

Exercise 2 – agility

3) In the same movement, now bend your right knee and let your toes slide across the floor and towards your right buttocks, into your stomach and further up into the air and down again towards the floor, so that you almost draw a circle in the air. Use as little force as possible and perform the movement at a slow pace. (see picture below).

Exercise 3 – muscle relaxation

This exercise will help you relax your muscles and work the right way.

Make the muscle relax

Now you need to work on getting the muscle to let go, relax and do its job right. So we have to work with the function of the poses.

How to do the exercise

1) Lie on your back with your feet on a surface where they can slide without you having to use force (see picture above).

If you are lying on a carpet, you can, for example, put a plastic bag under one foot. On a wooden floor you can take a sock on the foot, or you can put a dishcloth under it.

Stay lying in the position while tilting your pelvis a little back and forth five times so that you alternately sway a little and a lot in the lower back.

Now find a position in the middle between these two extreme positions where you feel relaxed.

2) Let one foot slide quietly forward on the surface, as if you were drawing a long straight line on the floor. Notice how you almost push the femur out of the hip socket so that the front of the hip opens. (see picture below).

Exercise 3 – muscle relaxation

3) Let the leg slide back to the starting position at a leisurely pace. Let the leg be heavy so you let it slide instead of lifting it across the floor. You need to use as little force as you possibly can – the exercise is still incredibly effective. Be sure to keep your back and pelvis completely still along the way.

Focus on letting go of the tension around your hips.

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