Exercise for Legs and Buttocks

Female exerciseAre you a master at making lunges in one infinity, but still need to see the results on Exercise for legs and buttocks.  Then try replacing your classic lunges with this different power exercise. Effect is guaranteed with only 3 repetitions!

If you dream of toned legs and tight buttocks, you need something other than the hundreds of pumping movements that most people struggle with when doing abdominal bends, squats and lunges.

And then she would also rather call it resilient muscles than toned muscles, because it is the muscles’ ability to tense up and relax that gives them the ‘toning’ that most people probably dream of.

But this elasticity in the muscles – even when you are not tensing them – is the exact opposite of repetition after repetition at too high a pace and without breaks. With it, you do not get much other than a burning sensation in the muscles – it feels as if they are acidifying, she explains.

The resilient bars and tight buttocks, on the other hand, we get by strength training with a few repetitions, a high effort and breaks, so we can have time to recharge between the repetitions.

Your muscles need to be loaded enough for them to ‘turn on’ – but not so much that the rest of your system becomes overloaded. If it is too hard or hurts, it is typically about you driving too hard, for example at too high a pace, even if the body cannot keep up. I often see this with lunges, where most people do too many repetitions at too high a pace – even without getting hold of the right muscles.

The exercise that actually works

Suggests that you replace your many lungs with a real power exercise for your legs and buttocks, which she calls the scissors.

It is so effective that you can replace your maybe 10-20-30 lunges with just three repetitions on each side – and still get better and more visible results.

When you do it correctly, you get a larger amount of muscle mass activated, and then something really happens.

It is a fairly static exercise that may look innocent, but you get a large amount of muscle mass activated, develop great strength and quickly gain more strength in your legs, buttocks and pelvis – just by doing three tensions on each side, where you gradually go deeper and deeper down. In return, you create such great tension that more muscles come to work. So you make fewer, but better repetitions.

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