Clear out the Slimming Myths

Morning to Lose WeightClear out the slimming myths when you start to lose weight, you will quickly encounter a host of myths. Many are caught out of thin air, so here we will try to dispel a few of the more persistent myths that we know have nothing on them.

Myth 1: Do not eat fruits and vegetables at the same time

This mixture was supposed to make it ferment violently in the stomach. But it does not fit. Calmly mix fruits and vegetables in your salads. It gives a good taste and a nice experience of what you eat.

Myth 2: You should only eat fruit until lunch

This is a really bad idea as it will build up a great hunger for later in the day. And once you get really hungry, it’s hard to control what you eat. So remember to eat something with both fiber and protein – even early in the day.

Myth 3: Light sodas sooner or later fatten

Light soda is almost completely without calories and can be drunk freely – and it is not converted into calories in the body. Some say that light sodas make you want more sweetness. Notice how it works on you. If you feel comfortable after a light soda, then that’s fine.

Myth 4: Coffee and tea are diuretic and prevent your weight loss

Coffee and tea are excreted faster, which means that after drinking some of these drinks you have to go to the toilet faster than if you had drunk clean tap water. But coffee and tea do not drive fluid out of the body, and both count in the daily fluid intake.

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