How to Change Your Life?

lose weight teenagerHow to Change Your Life? We were asked to choose different names than what we currently have. Names that would indicate who we are based on our vision of what we desire for our lives. Each of us has chosen a name: Humility, Commitment, Order, Discipline, Abundance, and Student.

Of all these names, only one caught my attention. Read on to understand the 6 truths that will change your life today.

You are the only person who can determine the direction of your life. It is a truth that defines the ideal and founds existence. We come into the world alone, we do not choose our parents; even less our names, our schools, the country where we are born … several other parameters of our life escape us at birth. To say that we are born alone and that alone we learn the hard way, but thanks to our parents, we find our way.

We are not in our first life

Believe me the biggest truth about our life is that we are not at our first step. This is to say that we have lived in the past and that the present will determine our future after this life. Whatever our religious affiliation, we are inscribed in this truth. Understanding this helps us to adapt better in this life, so as to avoid the same realities happening to us again tomorrow. In short, this life is not the first for us and may not be the last. We are not in this life by chance and there is a good chance that we are in our current condition or situation because of our previous life.

Parents are our gods on earth

Many people know this truth. However, most do not apply it for several reasons. While it is true that we do not choose our parents, it is even more obvious that their choice for us in this life is justified and very important. By what, why or by whom, this is what you need to know to better understand this truth. The presence of our parents in our current life is conditioned by our mission on this earth. And they have a big role to play in our happiness and our success.

Friends are not always your friends

Far from tarnishing the importance of friends in our life, we must recognize this truth because it also plays a role in our success. Many stories exist about great friends who end up separated over time much like love stories. However, there are friends, who open the door to happiness, wisdom and wealth for you. Therefore, we must learn to choose our friends well according to their habits, beliefs and aspirations. Since we are a reflection of those we hang out with, the energy they give off also affects our entire life. Today’s friends end up adversaries tomorrow because at some point one or the other has strayed from either the common ideal or the center of interest or the common path. In all patterns, let us beware of developing grudges because they hurt us more than others.

Money has no value other than that conferred on it by men

The fifth truth about our life is that our primary wealth is not material or physical. On the contrary, it is first interior before becoming a physical manifestation. It comes from a source beyond our human dimensions and is accessible only through the work of self-knowledge. By way of illustration, identify two people who are examples of wealth. The real common point between them will surely be found in the service to a great cause drawn from the depths of their consciousness because the immaterial consciousness predominates over the material consciousness; hence the law of physical realization by the power of thought and attraction.

Our fears are unexplored forces

We all have fear in us. It is a natural and normal thing for all men. Whenever we are afraid, it is proven that this fear becomes a force if and only if we can overcome its domination. Overcoming our fears allows us to discover new strengths and coping skills never before explored. Fear inhibits our natural strengths and locks us into our comfort zone. But it also remains the stepping stone to greater accomplishments in this life.

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