Clear out the Slimming Myths

Morning to Lose WeightClear out the slimming myths when you start to lose weight, you will quickly encounter a host of myths. Many are caught out of thin air, so here we will try to dispel a few of the more persistent myths that we know have nothing on them. Continue reading “Clear out the Slimming Myths”

Good Foods for Weight Loss

weightHere you will find a small guide to some of the most important Good Foods for Weight Loss that you can have in your diet as often as possible.

I (dietitian Lisa Bolting, ed.) Are often asked which foods are the healthiest and which one cannot do without. But this is not how you can talk about food, you should preferably live varied. Continue reading “Good Foods for Weight Loss”

Exercises for a Tight Hip Flexor

Slim bodyAre you dying with a tight hip flexor? We have found 4 exercises that can help you. Together, the exercises will give you a better function in the hip, back and pelvis and a good chance that your stomach will contract.

How to get the most out of the exercises

To get the greatest effect from the exercises, it is important that you do them in the order in which we present them. If you are busy one day, you can also pick one out and do it – it is definitely better than nothing. Continue reading “Exercises for a Tight Hip Flexor”

Exercises for Abdomen and Buttocks

StrengthensTighten your Exercises abdomen and buttocks extra strut with a kettle bell and a solid abs and ass attack.

  1. One arm swing

Here’s how: hold a kettle bell (kb) in one hand and stand hip-width apart. Then move your upper body slightly forward, your arm back between your legs and throw your hips forward while keeping your arm stretched and swinging to about head height. Continue reading “Exercises for Abdomen and Buttocks”

Exercise for Legs and Buttocks

Female exerciseAre you a master at making lunges in one infinity, but still need to see the results on Exercise for legs and buttocks.  Then try replacing your classic lunges with this different power exercise. Effect is guaranteed with only 3 repetitions!

If you dream of toned legs and tight buttocks, you need something other than the hundreds of pumping movements that most people struggle with when doing abdominal bends, squats and lunges. Continue reading “Exercise for Legs and Buttocks”

Squat with instant effect

FitnessMost people are familiar with squats, which train our legs and buttocks – if we train them correctly! But we must drop the hunt for the most repetitions if we want tight buttocks, says training expert, who here guides you to a super version of squats that gives almost immediate effect.

Up and down, up and down, up and down in one infinity. You get your heart rate up, but even 100s of squats this way will not give you a particularly firming or strengthening effect on either thighs or buttocks. Continue reading “Squat with instant effect”

What is Power of Yoga?

Calories burningIf you are a beginner in the world of yoga, it can be difficult to find your way around the different styles and yoga exercises, because you may have noticed that there are a myriad of different variations of yoga. On this page we will introduce you to what is called Power yoga. Continue reading “What is Power of Yoga?”

How to Choose the Right Diet?

diet plan for weight lossExcessive weight gain is a very common problem in today’s society. This is due to the bad eating habits we adopt today, which sometimes even affect our health. But luckily, you have the opportunity to make up for it, by adopting a more strict diet, among those recommended by dieticians. How to choose the best among these diets? Discover some answers in the following.

Today’s dieticians are hard at work developing the best diet formulas. Thanks to their work, you now have the ability to control your weight and lose weight if you wish, without necessarily spending hours in a gym. Continue reading “How to Choose the Right Diet?”

The Essential for Healthy Diet

Weight lossBeing able to eat healthy diet and balanced is a constant concern, in the face of the many food scandals that regularly erupt. Mixed meat, gluten, saturated fat, added sugar, etc. industrialists contribute to our food imbalance.

But faced with the diversity of food products on the market, it is difficult to choose which ones will be best suited to your habits. In this article, discover the essential foods to keep in your cupboard for healthy cooking! Continue reading “The Essential for Healthy Diet”

What is a Weight Loss Pill?

Weight LossAfter a pregnancy or a period of significant weight gain, you want to get back in shape. Several methods exist today to shed pounds and lose weight. You will first be advised to play sports and pay attention to your diet. But it is also possible to boost this weight loss with specific products. In this category, you have the slimming pills, very popular with consumers.

Available over the counter or with a prescription, the diet pill is a dietary supplement created specifically for weight loss. It should be taken between one to three times a days for a specified period to show its effects. Continue reading “What is a Weight Loss Pill?”