What is Needed to Exercise at Home?

Healthy WomanWhat is Needed to Exercise at Home? In the times that we run with an active pandemic, which has been shown that we must limit our social relationships to be able to combat it, and together with globalization, We tend to be and carry out our daily lives in our comfort space, which is our home. Or home, now you telecommute, years ago it was an odyssey, you also order a purchase from the supermarket online, we can receive quotes for a work online, receive fresh food in half an hour at home, but what you forget is that we can also do physical exercise at home, vital to combat sedentary lifestyle.

Importance of optimal sports health

We call sedentary those activities that people do while sitting or reclining, while we are awake, and that use very little energy, this sounds to you when we are at home, on the sofa or in our bed.

Sedentary periods are those periods of time in which these activities that consume very little energy are carried out, such as, for example, sitting while traveling, at work or school, in the home environment and during leisure time. Leisure.

Sedentary lifestyle is the lack of regular physical activity, defined as: less than 30 minutes a day of regular exercise and less than 3 days a week.

Do not confuse a sedentary person with an inactive person, who are those who do not reach the recommendations for physical activity; For example, an adult who performs less than 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate physical activity a week would be an inactive person, but we cannot say that he is a sedentary person, although it is common for both concepts to be associate in the same person.

It can also happen that a physically active person (that is, who complies with the recommendations), is sedentary because they spend a lot of time sitting, for example, at work.

My question, would you consider yourself inactive or sedentary?

Sedentary lifestyle can only be fought with physical activity, and it is not about becoming a competitive athlete, simply by acquiring physical habits that you can do from your own home.

The key is to modify sedentary lifestyle and leisure habits and transform them in a way that increases our level of physical activity and sport.

What can you buy to exercise at home?

First, we will need light sportswear, such as sports tights or shorts and a breathable t-shirt, along with basic sports shoes. A mat will be essential to train more comfortably, and to be able to warm up correctly, something that is important before starting the exercises.

You could already walk inside the house for ten or fifteen minutes several times a day or go up and down flights of stairs, something very basic, but totally recommended. We can take advantage of technologies, if there is a possibility; carry out activities such as Pilates, Sumba or aerobics by following videos, tutorials or mobile applications, which will guide us in our exercises.

We can use elastic bands or elastic bands with different tensions, with them the main muscle groups can be worked in multiple combinations of routines of different intensity at home. Experts recommend kettle bells to work the functionality of sitting, bending or standing up; they are usually 2 and 3 kg in weight.

And we cannot miss a set of dumbbells, they are an ideal material for strength training, muscle development, fat loss, sports performance and rehabilitation. Working with dumbbells will allow us to maintain a better balance between the parts of the body, since we will train each zone equally by lifting the same weight with each one of them.

We can buy some pull-ups for home, they are one of the favorite exercises of those who practice sports at home and work many parts of the body. This type of bars to place on the door frames is the ideal option to achieve the most similar to that of a gym.

And something that cannot be missing is motivating music, which makes us follow the exercises at an appropriate pace. It is important to control our breathing during exercises at home, do not hold it and remember to exhale the air at the moment you make the effort and to take it at the moment of relaxation.

We should drink about two liters of water a day, but especially before, during and after exercise, when we lose a large amount of water and electrolytes through sweat, and now more regularly in summer.

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