The Weight Lose Benefits of Meditating Daily

Lose weightAmong the many weight lose benefits of meditating that you can find when you begin your daily meditation practice, Understanding the power of meditation is key if you want to know how to start on the path of self-knowledge are the following

You will reduce your stress and anxiety. Meditating helps us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which produces an activation of the relaxation response, as well as the vigil nerve, which affects an activation of information from the viscera, organs and intestines to the brain and vice versa.

 You will improve your attention and you will learn to focus your attention and not be distracted. Attentions is key to our health and well-being, as well as to achieving high performance in your life, as it allows you to be focused, develop your memory and prevent lapses and memory loss.

You will learn to regulate your emotions and to practice cognitive misidentification, as well as cognitive diffusion. Meditation will help you train the ability to objectively and impartially observe emotions, which we call “cognitive diffusion”, because you stop merging with them and see them with distance and impartiality. You will also learn to misidentify from the emotion, which means understanding that you are not the emotion and that the emotion is in you, but without taking over you and being able to manage and control it appropriately. This process is called cognitive de-identification.

 You will improve your resilience. The practice of daily meditation allows you to train patience, knowing how to observe impartially, knowing how to be with what is and stop idealizing or disconnecting with reality. This on a day-to-day basis translates into an increase in resilience as you learn to be stronger and more resistant to life’s crises, to increase your resistance to frustration and to better manage uncertainty.

 How much time do you have to meditate a day?

It is advisable to start with a meditation routine in which you start little by little and increase the time spent in meditation as time progresses. It is recommended to start for about 10 minutes a day and gradually increase each week about 5 minutes until you meditate for an hour a day, an hour that can be done uninterruptedly at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day or meditate for half an hour at the beginning of the day and another half hour before going to bed.

It is also recommended that you include various meditative practices such as attention to breathing, attention to sensations in the body, attention to sounds, meditation in movement through the practice of yoga or conscious movement, meditation through the chanting of mantras and meditation that we do lying down to train relaxation, as is the case with the body scan.

Meditation is the basis that allows us to connect with our unconscious and allow the information that is available in it to surface to the conscious, information thanks to which insights are produced, through which we become aware of our patterns or beliefs of which we were not aware and that are very useful to understand our behavior and thus see the behavior that leads us to success and the one that leads us to make mistakes over and over again.

NLP is very useful in changing these beliefs, which also leads to changes in behaviors on a day-to-day basis and this leads, in turn, to changes in our results. Many times in life we ​​do not know why we stumble on the same stone constantly and the reason is because our beliefs govern us and lead us to it. In reprogramming and changing beliefs, NLP is very powerful and produces spectacular changes in one or very few intervention sessions.

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