Best Nutrition And Exercise For Lose Weight

Lose WeightThe best nutrition and exercise for Lose weight , leaner, tighter, healthier … These or similar thoughts are buzzing around in many heads. But how does it actually work? How do you lose weight properly?

Does it always have to be a diet?

Intermittent fasting, low-crab, no-crab, paleo, keno … the list of diets, all of which have been extensively tested and approved, seems to be getting at least one line longer every year. But does it really always have to be a diet? Aren’t there tips for healthy weight loss that bypass starvation and calorie counting? This works effectively and quickly with effective nutrition and exercise strategies.

How is breakfast really healthy?

In the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king, in the evening like a beggar – goes a well-known proverb. A study by the medical organization Endocrine Society confirms the key message behind the saying: It shows that breakfast plays a more important role than is often assumed. In the morning, the human body actually has more than twice as high a metabolic activity as at other times of the day: A large breakfast not only keeps you full for a long time, blood sugar and insulin levels also rise slowly. The appetite for sweets is regulated, we eat snacks less often during the day. Therefore, breakfast should not be skipped even during a diet.

Of course, having a big breakfast doesn’t mean that we should have several croissants with nut nougat cream and sweet breakfast pancakes in the morning. Breakfast is healthy best when it is high in protein and fiber, as well as providing vitamins and minerals. Whole grain bread or muesli, oat flakes, fruits and nuts are energy suppliers that are good for you and keep you full for a long time.

The fact that a large breakfast is better than a large dinner does not necessarily mean that breakfast is essential for losing weight. A meta-analysis carried out in 2019 showed, that the total daily energy intake of people who eat breakfast is on average higher, than that of those who do not have breakfast. The latter were on average just under half a kilo lighter. So, according to the results of this major study, you don’t necessarily have to eat breakfast if you want to lose weight.

Lose weight with the right diet – that’s how easy it is to put healthy on your plate

Eating healthy in no way means less taste. Fresh vegetables, fish or meat as protein sources and other healthy ingredients conjure up taste in the pot and a smile on your lips – ideally also when you step on the scales. A US study has shown that people who cook their own food and consciously deal with what they eat have a body mass index in the normal range. Restaurant visits or fast food, on the other hand, quickly lure you into the sugar trap: Often there is no indication of how much sugar is in salad dressings, how much fat the potatoes were fried in or whether the meat was not treated.

A healthy lunch consists of three parts – the largest part is fruits or vegetables and should cover half of the plate. A quarter of the meal should consist of protein, i.e. fish, meat or tofu. The remaining quarter consists of carbohydrates and is ideally made from whole grain products. Important: Don’t eat at your desk in the office, but stimulate your metabolism and ideally take a short walk before or after lunch.

When should you eat to lose weight?

In the evening, you should focus on light meals that are rather low in carbohydrates. These are the least likely to cause insulin to skyrocket, which is good for our body. Vegetables, dairy products and nuts, for example, are well suited for this.

You should also be careful not to have dinner too late. It is best to have eaten until 7 p.m. – then the body can relax and prepare for the night. Sufficient sleep is important for healthy weight loss. A US study found that people who slept about eight hours a night had better fat deposits. So good night! Allow yourself more than six hours of sleep so that you can start the next day fit and refreshed.

Losing weight without exercise – is it really possible?

It would be so easy, if the dream weight could be achieved simply by lowering the calorie intake. But you probably know the wisdom that diet is only one side of the coin and exercise is the other. So nothing helps: Put on your sportswear and off you go!

Anyone who, in addition to the sports program such as jogging, walking or swimming, also lets the elevator go alone and takes the stairs, takes a little detour or uses the bike instead of the car, is doing wellis also called something good. Even simple walking is good for health.

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