10 Principles of Healthy Lifestyle

Flat Belly To be beautiful, strong and energetic, titanic efforts are not needed. It is enough to adhere to simple and clear rules of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle principles

  1. Mode

The key to morning vigor and good mood is a deep, deep and uninterrupted night’s sleep, 6-9 hours, depending on your needs. Try to plan your day so that your meals, work, walks, workouts, and rest are at the same time.

  1. Charging

A short warm-up for 10-15 minutes immediately after waking up will help to invigorate and energize every cell of your body. Include stretching, flexibility and joint mobility exercises in your morning routine. An excellent option is the salutation to the sun from yoga.

  1. Balanced diet

Eat natural healthy food 3-4 times a day: vegetables, fruits, berries, cereals, eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, legumes. Forget about convenience foods, fast food, sugary sodas. Limit your intake of sugar, starchy foods and flour products. Never skip breakfast. Reduce calorie intake by 10-15% to normalize body weight.

If there are no problems with extra pounds, once a week for breakfast or lunch, indulge yourself with your loved ones, albeit forbidden delicacies. This will spur your metabolism and help you not to abandon proper nutrition, because it is psychologically extremely difficult to give up ice cream or pizza for life.

  1. Water

Drink plenty of clean water. Depending on age, gender, physical activity, a person needs from 1.5 to 4 liters of water per day. Train yourself to drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach for the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

  1. Quitting bad habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol is at odds with the concept of a healthy lifestyle. The cost of these momentary pleasures is too high in the long run.

  1. Activity

Move whenever possible: walk an extra stop, climb the stairs, take a walk before bed. Get involved in sports. Fitness, running, workout, aerobics, yoga, football, boxing – choose the activity you like. Regular training is the only way to a beautiful body, as well as a guarantee of longevity and preservation of mental clarity in old age.

  1. Hygiene

Shower twice a day, wash your hands before eating, wear clean clothes and sleep on clean bedding – these obvious rules, taught from childhood, will protect you from many diseases.

  1. Hardening

Contrast shower, cold douche in the morning, sauna, walking in the snow – choose those procedures that are pleasant to you and will not harm your health. Start hardening gradually, but regularly, do not forget about variety and breaks.

  1. Diagnostics

Visit your dentist periodically and have a comprehensive medical check-up. At the initial stage, it is much easier to cure the disease. Do not self-medicate without proper knowledge.

  1. Psychological balance

Smile, avoid stressful situations and negative emotions, do good deeds. Stop wasting your life on conquering insurmountable peaks, enjoy every moment of today. Find a hobby you like, travel, meet people, learn a foreign language or medieval history – chase impressions and memories, not status.

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