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At first glance, the loop ropes of the 4D Pro hardly differ from conventional TRX straps – but they have the power of a bungee rope. The sports is already a hit in the United States. You train almost weightlessly and burn up to 600 calories per hour.

Depending on the exercise, either the arms, legs or waist are put in the sling and sprints, squats or push-ups are performed. Due to the resistance of the spring forces, the exercises are extremely intense and gentle on the joints, they also activate the core and gluten muscles. The idea comes from Germany, by the way: The invented the elastic ropes, which will soon cause a sensation here too.

Moments on the paddle board

You have to try it out. Only when you feel the gentle movements of the water below you and the sun glistens on the lake while you carefully balance yourself on the wobbly stand-up paddle board in the tree do you understand the magic of this form of yoga. The Astana on the floating board create a flow of their own, it is demanding and yet meditative. The head comes to rest, while deep muscles and balance are trained. The reward: defined upper arms and legs, a firm stomach and a balanced mood.

Standing Pilates: great posture grades

That Pilates is an extremely effective muscle training – for free. But just lying on the mat after work or being clamped into martial-looking equipment is not for everyone. One reason standing Pilates classes are becoming increasingly popular. As the name suggests, you train while standing; the circulation gets going and the muscles are stretched and strengthened at the same time.

Activating the so-called powerhouse Рin other words: pulling in the navel, tensing the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles  pelvic floor training and breathing into the flanks and chest Рis initially unusual while standing. A pleasant side effect of the required concentration: Once you get the hang of it, you beam yourself out of everyday life, you will be more relaxed and rewarded after a short time with an upright posture, a flat stomach and long, taut muscles. The courses are offered in many fitness studios and community colleges.

Kinetics: Circuit Training 4.0

The intensive full-body circuit training combines dynamic kickboxing exercises with jumps and elements from functional training, in which you mainly work with your own body weight. Sounds exhausting? It is, and how! But the workout is varied (the nine stations are constantly changing to keep it exciting), it trains the whole body and only lasts 30 minutes per session. Practical: There are no fixed training times, but you can join the circuit every three minutes.

The training is done with bandaged hands so that you can slip into the boxing gloves at the stations where boxing is taking place. The speed and intensity vary depending on your fitness level, a trainer is always available for assistance, who can also help you if you have a low motivation. Currently only in Munich, new locations are to follow.

Soul cycle: Spinning with a fun factor

Electric beats and cool light effects are just as much a part of Soul cycle as the special spinning bikes. The 45-minute indoor cycling in a group is great conditioning training. Loud music and fast choreographic drive you to peak performance. The shoes are fixed in the pedals, but arms, upper body and bottom are moved rhythmically to the beats according to the instructions of the instructor. How does that feel? After a mixture of party and extreme sport.

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