The Best Body weight Exercises

Top Exercises at homeJump squats

The Best Body weight Exercises are jump squats. Really exhausting, but also really effective! It is important that you jump off powerfully and land gently. Raise your arms forwards and stretch them backwards as you go down. Go straight to a new jumped squat without a break. It should be 15-20 repetitions. Then a short break and all over again.

Mountain climbers

Almost the whole body is challenged with just one exercise – this makes the mountain climber or mountaineer the ideal full-body workout that also promotes endurance at the same time. In particular, the stomach, but also the muscles of the shoulders, buttocks and legs are trained.

You start in the push-up position.

The shoulders are directly above the hands and the back is straight. Now the knees are pulled alternately towards the chest in a sudden movement. The back leg remains straight. It is important to maintain body tension. Three times a minute with short breaks in between are sufficient to get started.

Triceps dips

Triceps dips are the ideal exercise for building muscle in the arms. To do this, you support yourself with your hands on a table, a chair or a stable box, keep your upper body upright, and look forward. Then lower and straighten up again. Make sure that your elbows are pulled back close to your body.

There are more triceps exercises here!


Lunges are among the absolute classics and at the same time the best exercises without equipment. Whether at home, at work or out and about in the park – you can always take a few lunges and train your entire leg and glutes. In addition, the stability of the entire trunk, coordination and the sense of balance are promoted.

This is how it works: Get on your knees and lower your body until the knee of your back leg is just above the floor. Push up, keep knees slightly bent, and repeat. 15-20 repetitions per side and three sets are ideal.

Bur pees

This exercise promises maximum success, but it is not undemanding! The bur pee – or push-up jump – trains the whole body and is a combination of squat, push-up and extension jump. From a hip-width stand, crouch down, then do a push-up. Then you jump with your feet into a crouch, then push yourself powerfully off the ground and jump into the air, land gently – and do it again from the front. The individual phases of movement should merge seamlessly without any breaks. There is a break only after 15-20 repetitions. 3 sentences are a good start for beginners.

Push ups

The good old pushups: Hated by many, but so effective! Push ups strengthen the chest, shoulder and back muscles, the biceps and triceps, the core muscles and even the glutes – and should therefore not be missing in any full-body workout. In the classic variant, the hands are about shoulder width apart – the fingers point forward – and the elbows are bent at least to a 90-degree angle. Particularly important: body tension – do not sag!

Beginners can start on their knees, while professionals dare to do one-arm push-ups!

Sumo squats

Sumo squats differ from normal squats mainly in the position of the feet. In contrast to conventional squats, the feet are set up wider and the toes are turned further outwards. It is the ideal exercise for the buttocks and also trains the inner thighs and hamstring muscles. For beginners, three sets of ten to 15 repetitions each are recommended. Correct execution and body tension are important: when you have reached the bottom, hold the tension briefly, then straighten up again.

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