Stop Your Sugar Craving In 4 Easy Steps

Lose weightToday you get my suggestion on how to stop the sugar craving. You know that uncontrollable impulse that makes you overeat in things you should not overeat in the afternoon and evening – and leaves you with a bloated stomach, nausea and hot, salty tears rolling down your cheeks over your obvious total deficiency on the spine.

The reason I have written this article is that the question of how to stop the craving for sugar is one of those that most often dumps into my inbox.

Here a while ago I received e.g. this question from one of my readers Hanne:

I just managed to press answer, write and consider my answer, but then it hit me:

I can send Hanne a hasty answer of 250 words that might help her a little… or… I can sit down and write her a great, epic article that can also help the rest of the Fitness Form readers to stop their sugar cravings for years from now on …”. And as you may have guessed, it was solution number two that won.

So let me introduce you to my bid on how to stop:

The sugar craving… the silent killer

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But back to all that with the sugar craving…

It’s evening and you throw yourself on the sofa for Hammer slag on DR1.

An hour ago you ate dinner.

You actually ate well satiated. But still, it’s as if you could liege eat something delicious now again.

Like something really delicious.

You turn your attention back to your amazement at Christian Degn’s height and try to forget the sugar craving, which has now changed its voice to a brutal Colombian drug baron.

“Now you are listening to hombre amigo. Now you roll those legs over the sofa and pick up the package of Karen Wolf brownies that are out in the kitchen cupboard. And it is now! ”, It tells us.

“Stop sugar cravings! Let me be now. I’m just trying to lose weight. I’m not going to have Karen brownies now. Why should I ruin my progress for it? ”You say.

After 30 seconds of heated discussion back and forth, the Colombian drug lord finally gives up.

But then what happens must not happen…

The sugar craving changes voice into sleazy Dan from my sister’s kids in the snow.

It was just 648 empty calories.

Now I just want to hurry to call a time out and finish this semi-bizarre and very pictorially painterly introduction before I reach over the 1000 words before the article has really begun.

My point is just that pretty much everyone suffers from sugar cravings to some degree. For some, the craving for sugar is worst in the late afternoon when they return home after a long day.

For others, it is worst right after dinner or a few hours after.

But no matter when your sugar craving is worst and how strong it is, the means to stop it (for me to see) are actually approx. the same.

Therefore, today I will give you my 4 best tips to stop the sugar craving, so you will have significantly easier time controlling it the next time it surprises you on the couch.

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