Stop Sabotaging your Own Fitness Success

Flat stomach in 10 daysProbably the biggest frustration among those who try to lose weight and achieve their fitness success is always to end up giving up sooner or later. Whether it’s after 14 days or after 6 months, it’s really subordinate. It just hurts anyway.

The fact is that one’s dream body remains a dream. You do not get lost as you wish. It does not take long for everything to collapse around one. You may have a week where you do not get exercised, eat healthy or follow your new healthy habits, and so…

… yes then you suddenly feel like all the weight loss progress is gone. That you can not lose weight anymore. That one has lost his groove. That you have fallen off the wagon and do not know how to get back on it.

The train has left with one’s otherwise meaningful, motivating weight loss goals and all one’s willpower, and now one stands gaping back on the platform. All alone. Completely demotivated and powerless. One’s weight loss has stalled and the weight is quietly coming back on again.

And you do not know what happened.

You rationalize the situation by saying that you actually do not want to lose weight and achieve your otherwise noble health goals anyway, even though you have basically not thought about anything else for years. Otherwise, it would be too much to hijack for the ego. The ego must find an excuse. It must rationalize the shame and the pain away, in order to survive the blow.

Everyone has tried it. If you do not think you have, then you rationalize really well. It is not only necessarily in a weight loss context that this happens. It’s just as much in relation to other goals in your life.

Maybe you really want to be promoted to your dream position at work?

You work and work, your business brings twice as much value as it pays you for, and you are slowly becoming more and more indispensable to your boss. But then something happens in your life that takes up all your time for a period of time…

 and you will never get back in your groove.

You will never complete the mission you started. When you lose willpower and hope, everything turns black. Even though you are still passionate about achieving your goal. It is simply not possible to continue the hard work. Even if you know what to do to lose weight, you can not make yourself do it.

But why is this happening?

What is it that you do wrong when you suddenly lose your mojo that way? But just consider it. You already know very well how to lose weight. That you should probably train. That you should probably eat sensibly. You already know (roughly) the path to lasting weight loss and your dream body.

You just can not get yourself to do what you know you have to do to lose weight. The road to weight loss success would be easy if it were not for our own barriers to success. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of earl.

  1. You find out what you want to achieve.
  2. You put after it.
  3. You achieve it.

Nicely simple.

The problem is just that there are a lot of invisible barriers between you and what you want to achieve.

To achieve your goals, you will need to find a way to get around, below or beyond these barriers to success. That is the only solution. You must pass by if you want to lose weight and have the dream body.

If you feel stuck among these invisible barriers, and if the train has left the platform along with all your willpower and motivation, then there is still hope ahead. But i will not go into depth with this in this article. It is impossible. It takes several servings to loosen this messy knot again once it is tied.

If you are new to the fitness form, then a life-changing experience awaits you. I have created a lasting 7 day weight loss course that will teach you exactly how to stop sabotaging your own fitness success. When yes, and then it will let you lose the first kilo before the week is over and equip you with 12 easy weight loss recipes for the rest of your journey towards the dream body.

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