How to Live Healthy and save Money

Staying Fit at homeThis is how to live healthy and save money at the same time poor diet and too little exercise increase the risk of developing a chronic illness. A healthy lifestyle is not that difficult. And above all, not too expensive.
More and more people are opting for a healthy lifestyle. This includes a balanced diet, enough exercise and sleep, a normal body weight, little stress, no smoking and little or no alcohol. Sounds logical in practice, but it is difficult for one or the other to implement.

Cook yourself instead of take-away
you are what you eat has something true, says Tamara banz, personal trainer at the all mend fitness park in Lerner. i always stay as close as possible to nature. Not everyone has the option to cook three times a day, but one should avoid processed foods and save on salt, sugar and fatty acids.
What about the prejudice that a healthy and balanced diet is costly? I think exactly the opposite is the case, says banz. A take-away at lunchtime quickly costs 15 francs. With this amount you can buy a large amount of fruits and vegetables in the supermarket.  Those who cook themselves have to invest more time, they are doing something good for their wallet and, above all, for their body.

Going through life healthy and fit is also extremely important for carina neurosci (32) from Zurich. A player has been eating vegetarian for two years. Now that i’ve gotten older, i eat more consciously. I think more about diet and avoid meat out of conviction.

Neurosci played as a midfielder for the gc women for eight years. She has been training at fc Oberlin for two years now. Sport plays a major role in the life of the 32-year-old. If i can’t go to training three times a week, i train at home. She relies on tips and workouts with the help of fitness apps. «i like to do abdominal exercises and prefer to work with my own weight.
Carina neurosci is not only found on the soccer field, she also likes to play tennis and occasionally goes jogging. Sport is like an addiction, i have too much energy and have to get rid of it. How deep do sports enthusiasts have to dig into their pockets for their passion? The annual membership fee at fc Oberlin is chf 450, plus around chf 250 per month for tennis group lessons.

But i don’t have a fitness subscription and the workouts at home don’t cost me anything. All you need is a fitness mat and dumbbells, she paid 50 francs for the pull-up bar.
And what about the equipment? I have just bought new tennis shoes for chf 130, plus new soccer shoes for around chf 180 every year or two, says neurosci. I spend almost nothing on clothes. I have around 100 soccer jerseys in my closet, which i have received over the years, she laughs.

Conclusion: you can lead a healthy lifestyle with less budget. Cook yourself instead of take-away, avoid processed foods if possible and rely on fresh fruit and vegetables. If you want to save the membership fee for the gym, you can train at home or outdoors. Daily exercise is extremely important. It doesn’t cost anything to take the stairs instead of the elevator or to get off a bus stop earlier.

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