Eternal Motivation For Weight Loss

Losing WeightFind the information you need to reach your goal Okay. Let’s say your goal is to lose weight (and it probably is since this is specifically about motivation for weight loss, and you have read all about it.

Your very first step is to get full clarity on how you are actually losing weight. Such as. to find out how weight loss actually works – and what changes you need to implement in relation to your diet and exercise habits to get good results.

This step is actually super simple. Just sit back in the rocking chair and read, watch, listen and absorb as much relevant fitness health and weight loss information as you possibly can, so you know exactly what to do in the future to lose weight effectively.

Step 2: Understand that pretty much all the information you just consumed is a large batch of useless compost

Yes sorry. It’s a little aggressive this announcement. Nor is it for being an nonconstructive idiot. I will come up with some very specific tips on motivation for weight loss in a bit.

Error information such as:

  • That sugar fats
  • That you can cleanse your body of toxins by drinking green juice
  • That saturated fat increases your cholesterol levels
  • That you need to eat +6 times a day to keep your metabolism up
  • That “clean eating” leads to a faster weight loss than flexible eating
  • etc. etc.

Therefore, you really (really, really) need to be careful about what advice you choose to follow so that you do not end up wasting your time and energy on learning or, God forbid, following a series of extremely counter-effective diet and exercise tips.

Before you start collecting information, you will therefore need to fine-tune your bullshit detector and find a way to fight your way through the raging sea of ​​misinformation and find the little splashes of sand, factual, scientific, honest. , impartial information you need to succeed with your weight loss.

Of course, this is much easier said than done when you consider that the poor resources are in excess of approx. a billion billion billion compared to the good ones.

But guess what?

You are lucky enough to have come up with a website like this one that is precisely meant to help you lose weight on a good and durable boat without unnecessary nonsense.

You can also say it like this:

Just as anger, euphoria, and all other emotions are temporary and can be expected to come and go, so motivation is also temporary.

One moment you may be so motivated that you feel like you could easily train up for a fitness competition, for 8 minutes later doubt you will ever get up off the couch again.

The point is that your motivation, whether we are talking weight loss, smoking cessation, career or otherwise, will always go up and down – and therefore you must not be dependent on motivation to take action.

Because if you rely on a flighty feeling to take action, then you might as well drop it all and give up right away.

It can not be done that way.

To get yourself to keep taking action until you have the success with your weight loss you want, you will have to do something completely different…

Instead of getting stuck in step 3, where you repeatedly use your motivation to start your weight loss, only to fail again a few weeks after, when it disappears again, I have a better suggestion for you.

Stop relying on motivation to take action.

Really. Stop once and for all.

Realize that you have lost in advance if you put your trust in something that with 100% guarantee will disappear into thin air again.

Instead, focus on building good habits and practicing perseverance despite the lack of motivation so that you can actually keep yourself from taking action until you have reached your goals.

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