How to Lose Fat?

FitnessWhen we intend to lose weight, our goal should be to burn fat and increase muscle mass, since this will allow us to lose weight in a healthy way and, in addition, enjoy a strong and toned body. But it is not always easy. In fact, we have a hard time losing fat. Why is so difficult? What does body fat have or what happens in our body to make it so difficult to eliminate? E-Health Medical Manager at Cigna Spain, explains it to us. The doctor will also explain to you when to train to burn more fat, in the morning or in the afternoon, since there are physiological mechanisms that influence it.

Why is it so hard to lose fat?

We must start from the fact that the body is not created to burn fat, as it is an essential nutrient in our day to day life: it constitutes the only energy reserve that our body has in the long term and acts as a shield for our vital organs. In addition, fat acts as an insulator and helps us maintain proper body temperature.

To this must be added that fat burning is a complex process involving multiple hormones, cells and different systems that work together. When we talk about burning fat in our body, we refer to fat oxidation, that is, the process by which fat is released and transformed into biological energy, so that it can be used by cells to perform their vital functions when be necessary.

The problem comes when we remain inactive and our need for energy decreases. At that time, the fats and carbohydrates that we consume in excess, are transformed into fatty acids and are stored in the body. Normally in the waist, in the case of men, and in the hips in women, exercise being the great ally to combat it.

Are there people who find it more difficult?

There are many psychological and biological factors that influence fat loss. On the one hand, the anxiety or stress produced by undergoing a fat burning process or the lack of self-control significantly influences the success of this procedure.

When we feel anxious, levels of the hormone cortical increase, which causes an increased appetite and the need to consume more sugar. This in turn can lead to exhaustion, leading to a state of physical inactivity those results in not burning the necessary calories.

Age is another factor that plays a relevant role. As we age, our body undergoes new hormonal and metabolic changes that prevent us from burning calories so easily, since energy expenditure is reduced.

Genetics also play a role

Finally, it is also important to take care of our genetics. People who eat a lot and do not get fat have the advantage of having a fast metabolism, that is, they have an easier time converting the food or beverages they eat into energy. Therefore, it is essential to know the amount of calories our body uses to perform our basic functions, so that we can introduce changes in our daily physical activity or in our diet.

To combat this type of situation and take care of our health and well-being, services that help to acquire healthy habits can be used. With health and wellness evaluations or online counseling or coaching services that help to identify the needs of each person and what steps they should take to improve their quality of life.

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