Mindfulness to Cope With Depression

Calories burningThe psychologist highlights the practice of mindfulness to treat situations such as anxiety, stress and depression

We are in the middle of a pandemic and the situation that surrounds us overwhelms us every day. We live in stress, anxiety, uncertainty; situations that are uncomfortable in our day to day. In these situations, mindfulness or mindfulness can be of great help.

As explained PhD in Psychology and Medicine, and director of the Mindfulness Institute (Madrid), It is the ability to focus on what is done, how it is done and how you feel about what you have done and how it affects you.

He emphasizes that mindfulness is related to conscious attention to the present moment and to what is happening in the present moment. To put it into practice, he affirms that on the one hand there is formal training or meditation practices through an instructor, who is the one who establishes the challenges in which you develop this ability to be more present and live life. in a deliberate way, without disconnecting, or putting on automatic pilot, or getting caught up in your fantasies or catastrophes. These are developed in silence or with conscious movements like yoga.

Disconnect with mindfulness

Meanwhile, informal practices consist of taking this skill to different contexts of life, such as having a conversation in which you are more conscious, or cultivating a more conscious diet, as well as bringing greater awareness to physical exercise.

I can go to the gym and put my body on cycling while my attention is on the whatsapp that I get and on my social networks, so I decouple my activity from my attention and I’m working on automatic pilot. You can do two things at the same time but in reality you are losing the opportunity that the gym is a moment of disconnection and rest, you lose the opportunity to enjoy physical exercise, also running the risk of injuring ourselves or causing an accident. If you get into the habit of paying attention to something else, you can get distracted while driving on the road, as well as in conversations with people, warns the Doctor of Psychology and certified mindfulness instructor.

Benefits of mindfulness

With this, highlights that one of the main benefits that mindfulness brings to our health is related to how we manage our mental health, with moments of anxiety, stress, depression, hostility. All these emotional outbreaks have to do with how the mind processes the information of what is happening and what elaboration is done, he points out.

For example, he says that if I have a tendency to take things personally, any incident will make a world for me. Instead, if I give people the benefit of the doubt, then I’m going to live with more flexibility, and I’m going to take things differently. If I relativism, I take things differently. This depends on how aware I am of my thoughts and how I relate to life.

With this, he insists that the practice of mindfulness helps me to disconnect from that excess of mental activity, to elaborate scenarios and various interpretations, which are usually a source of anxiety, stress and depression, so that this discipline can make us live more in reality as it is.

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