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Lose weightPerfect Ass with Treatments In the case of looking for a significant increase in volume in the buttock area, we recommend implants and, for more discreet augmentations, own fat or chronically acid.

We talk about beautiful buttocks when they are harmonious explains the specialist in plastic surgery, a member of the Secure of the Tenon Medical Center in Barcelona. According to the doctor, the key is to achieve a harmony between the volume of the buttock and the volume of the areas that surround it to achieve satisfactory and natural results for the patient. For this, the expert recommends, in each case, a technique:

    * For more volume buttocks: augmentation with implants.

    * For buttocks with a discreet volume increase: augmentation with own fat or augmentation with hyaluronic acid.

    * To shape the buttocks: mini-lip of buttocks.

The Thong Treatments for buttock enlargement

In the cases of adding volume to the buttock area, recommends three techniques, according to the needs of each case:

Bulking with antilogous fat:

It is the latest in the treatment of this area. This technique is recommended in cases of wanting a natural increase in the buttock area. Thanks to the injection of the patient’s own fat (analogous fat), the results of this treatment are very natural to the touch and do not present any type of adverse reaction. Thus, this treatment is not useful in patients who need large increases in volume (for whom implants will be recommended), or for patients who do not have enough fat donor areas. In addition, it is a permanent technique that you can reinforce by practicing specific exercises for buttocks.

In the first place, the necessary fat is obtained from all those areas that are necessary to have enough volume. This fat must then be thoroughly washed and cleaned of impurities, blood, etc. Finally, the purified fat is injected into the buttocks using very fine annuals through tiny incisions around the area to be treated. It can be done under epidural or general anesthesia.

    * Approximate price of the treatment: between € 6,000 and € 7,000.

Bulking with chronically acid

Buttock augmentation with chronically acid is only recommended in cases where you want to increase the volume discreetly and when there is no fat from another area that can be extracted and reinvested into the buttocks explains Dr. Vicente Dove. As it is not a permanent treatment, its effects disappear after 12 months, making it the ideal treatment for those who want to do a test or who do not wish to undergo an intervention.

    * Approximate price of the treatment: from € 5,000 (depending on the amount of product required).

Volume augmentation with implants

This technique is the most suitable for patients who need a significant increase in the area. Makes incisions in the intergalactic fold to access the space below the glutenous maximums muscle, where the prosthesis is placed, which provides the desired volume. It can be done under epidural or general anesthesia.

    * Approximate price of the treatment: between € 6,000 and € 7,000.

Shape buttocks with mini-lips

In the case of women who want to frame their buttocks in a flattering way, mini-lip of the flanks and thighs are recommended. This is the most recommended technique to reshape the buttocks. The doctor will perform a mini liposuction in the buttock area and will take advantage of the fat to give volume in the necessary areas, thus shaping the buttocks with natural results and without having to use foreign materials for the body.

This treatment is based on traditional liposuction. A small incision will be made in the area, through which the hollow canola will be inserted, at the other end, the canola will be attached to a machine that produces the vacuum. The doctor will break up the fat and suction it by moving the canola between the deposits located under the skin in the area. You will be able to return to the daily routine in 2 days and to the most intense activities in 2-4 weeks.

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