Weight Loss Is Noticed Before

Weight LossIt depends on each person, but the truth is that when you set yourself a goal to lose weight, there are areas in which the results are noticed before

If you are on a diet, and your goal is to lose those extra pounds, perhaps you have ever asked yourself this question: where is the weight loss first noticeable? In which part of the body will we notice the results first? There is no written rule that says you will notice results sooner in the thighs, hips or abdomen. It all depends. The area where it is lost first is the one where there is more accumulation of fat.

There are people who have a very small waist and very large holsters, and where they lose is in the area with the fattest composition. But considering if before in abdomen or cartridge belts, I believe that the abdomen, having intravascular fat and extra visceral fat, is one of the first areas that we could say that lose fat, she tells us based on her experience.

Possible fluid retention

Also the areas where it is harder to lose are the areas of localized fat, which is due to genetic predisposition. And you also have to take into account if there are areas with fluid retention or edema, those areas are the ones that will be reduced first when starting with the diet, since it is not localized fat.

Abdomen, thighs and hips

In the opinion of the experts, our body perfectly manages where to get the energy it needs from when we eat a hypo caloric diet and it has to draw on reserves. For this reason, the parts where adipose tissue (fat) accumulates the most is the first thing that goes down if we carry out a correct and balanced hypo caloric diet. Therefore, abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks are the first places in the body where accumulated fat is lost, especially more evident in men than in women. Although other factors such as lifestyle (sedentary or active), genetic factors, and the nutritional habits of each person also influence a lot , they tell us.

And they add that the fat that is stored in the hips and thighs of the woman’s body plays a fundamental role in the face of motherhood and in the end the woman’s body is hormonally prepared for that. The key is that the first thing we spend when we go on a diet is accumulated. But it must also be taken into account, especially in women of childbearing age that these areas can resist more and parts such as the back, calves or face also lose thickness quickly.

Is weight loss different in men than in women?

The truth is that the way to lose weight is very different between men and women. This is due to the hormonal system, metabolism and genetics, as well as the different types of fat that are stored in the body. Basically it is because the hormonal system in women must have fat reserves to burn in these areas with a view to motherhood. Hence the difference with men. It is also related to high levels of estrogens, the hormone secreted for fertility, and is related to weight gain in these areas when women near menopause and the levels of these estrogens decrease , they tell us in Kilos Out , where they recommend weight loss with a balanced hypo caloric diet and increasing the frequency with which we usually exercise, it is more to acquire a daily habit of at least walking. It is important to balance that diet to waste those accumulated fat deposits with exercise that will increase the metabolism and help you lose weight.

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