Diets: For Losing Weight

If you feel that you have really done everything to burn that annoying fat that sticks to your jeans and sticks out of your pants, you will wonder where you are going wrong.

Diets: For Losing Weight

Although the concept should be very easy to “eat well and exercise” at times, this simple equation does not seem to give the correct result.

If you’re there, check to see if you’re making these four mistakes that turned off your internal fat burning engine. If so, what you have to do is review your routine and habits so that you can turn it on again:

You are hungry: If you are one of those who think that losing weight is doing the rice grain diet fasting in the moonlight and you are so hungry that you want to bite even your mother, this may have hurt your metabolism. But do not worry, there is nothing that with a good eating plan and exercises you cannot recover.

You have dedicated yourself to moving the minimum necessary to live: You got tired of exercising and your maximum physical activity is walking from your house to the bus stop, or your exercise routine is intense only for a 98-year-old woman, you can already give yourself mind what is the mistake you are making. If you do not increase the intensity of your exercises, change the routine, try to do weights with a greater weight, you move and sweat, you are not doing anything.

You take some medicine: Ok, maybe this is the part that is difficult to fix because your dreams of putting on that skinny jean that kills you cannot be against your health. But if this is what is lowering your fat-burning metabolism, all the more so you should be vigilant and be faithful to your diet and exercise regimen. Still, don’t blame the pills for being overweight all at once. First ask your doctor if they may be making you gain weight. And if the answer is yes, ask about other options. That’s why medical consultations are so expensive, put your money’s worth and ask!

You are not constant: You are one of those who start to see that you lose two kilos, and you run to eat a hamburger, pizza, pasta or all the sweets that you repressed for a while. The idea of ​​a good diet is that it is constant and stable. If you go back to the routine that had put you a little plump in previous days, do not pretend that when you eat that sweet that you have in your sights again it does not look directly at your thighs. To lose weight you really have to be consistent. It is not a question of one day yes and 20 days no.

You are a yo-yo: If you are one of those who have spent your life on an extreme diet, lose kilos and gain them again because you just did such an evil regime that you did not wait for the day to finish it to eat again like a rescued shipwrecked, you know you are making a serious mistake. The idea is to have a meal plan that is part of your life, not a momentary solution. As with exercise, this has to be part of your day, not the glass you break only in emergencies. The change is in you.

Above all, you have to remember that losing weight is not something that is done overnight. It is not a fast race, but rather a 42 km marathon that you have to prepare for a long time to achieve. And on that path, you can really feel good about yourself for knowing that you are making all the right choices.

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