Basic Keys to Lose Weight that are Infallible

Lose weight, without diet? And it is. Of course, as long as you take into account these 10 tricks and keys to achieve it. From looking at sugar and carbohydrates to daily exercise.

If you are tired of starving, if you do not want to give up chocolate, if you do not want to saturate your body with protein, follow the advice we give you and you will see how the scale will smile at you. You just have to add to your day to day the little secrets that we share with you.

These tricks to lose weight are infallible if you follow them daily and consistently. We know a thousand and one types of diets with which to lose weight fast, we are also experts in intermittent fasting, in types of carbohydrates, proteins and we even know the abc of exercises to lose weight by heart. But, have you stopped weighing in the basics? And when we talk about basic things, we talk about eating more, moving, cooking rich or being aware of what you eat, how much and how.

 Eat more? Of course yes. And we have good reasons to encourage you to do so. We are not inviting you to spend 24 hours a day eating food, but rather that at least the 5 meals a day, you comply strictly. And do you know why? Because among other things, with each digestion of each of them, you are also consuming energy! And therefore doing a calorie burn. Skipping meals in order to lose weight will only increase your hunger pangs, slow your metabolism, and encourage the rebound effect.

We also talk about another logical thing: move more. But this does not mean that you sign up for all the zumba classes that are this week in your gym, but that you take advantage of daily activities to make active gestures: take the garbage down … Down the stairs. Go shopping … Walk! And also, knowing how to choose well what type of exercise you do, always taking care of your body and your muscles for a better response.

Nor do we forget to cook rich, healthy and conscious. And although it may seem obvious, there are many benefits that can be obtained from this practice if you do it daily. Rediscovering cuisine, organic food, markets, even rediscovering the menus of your favorite restaurants, looking much more deeply at each choice, will make you more aware of what you eat and how you eat it. And this, even if you don’t think it’s important, also has consequences.

We also reflect on everything refined and bad food. Although our decisions are often worse. At our disposal we have endless options that do not do our body any favors and much less, our weight loss plan. So looking carefully at every detail, knowing what type of sugars, what type of carbohydrates or proteins we eat, in what quantities, at what times of the day and in what way, will help us in that task of not so much counting calories, but taking care of our habits.

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