4 Tricks to Enjoy Without Getting Fat When You Eat Out

lose weight and burn fat Enjoy Without Getting Fat When You Eat Out Experts point out which are the healthiest snacks and other tips with which not to sabotage your diet during the weekend

When you eat at home it is much easier to maintain good manners at the table, and even more so if you know the recipes of celebrities, who prepares a dinner based on green shoots that helps to wake up less bloated. If, in addition to being inspired by the networks to find the healthiest combinations, you also know the 3 Harvard precepts with which carbohydrates are no longer the enemy, then you have already laid the pillars of a complete menu with which to maintain an ideal weight without giving up to no macronutrient.

However, this perfect balance may be in danger when you stay in a restaurant and are surrounded by temptations, a problem that is solved through these 4 tricks with which to enjoy weekend plans without counteracting how well you take care of yourself in the day to day. These are the healthy options on the menu most recommended by specialists and the habits that prevent you from ruining your diet.

1. Snack something at home

Making sure you don’t sit down to eat on an empty stomach is essential to avoid getting carried away by less healthy options: It is advisable to have a snack before arriving at the restaurant to help the body control hunger and be able to order in measure (one piece of fruit or a Greek yogurt would be enough, although you can also fill your stomach with a vegetable broth), so we will avoid falling into the most appetizing and less healthy temptations that accumulate in the form of extra kilos , advise the experts of the Madrid Bodega of the Secrets.

2. The appetizers that taste the best

Snacks tend to have a lot of salt, and although salt has no calories, it leads you to overeat because it increases hunger. This is why snacks whet your appetite. The problem is that we don’t know if whether or not we take too much salt because sometimes we are not even capable of detecting it , author of the book Eating Well for Good Being. From Bodega de they propose the best options to enjoy them in a healthy way: Let’s say a resounding yes to ham, pickles, nuts, pickled anchovies, prawns, seafood, mussels or cockles. flee from the chips,, croquettes, puff pastry and batters .

3. More veggies and lean protein

The ideal first dish has to be rich in vegetables and, of course, salads become the ideal choice to enjoy all these nutrients raw and take advantage of their satiating power: The fact of having to chew raw vegetables for a while takes an important gastric work that makes you eat less afterwards; of course, be careful with the dressing! It is better that you dose it yourself, you can use extra virgin olive oil but better a light vinaigrette or simply salt and lemon , they explain the specialists of Bodega de los Secretes. As for proteins, they recommend meats or lean fish always grilled or baked without too heavy sauces (both at lunch and dinner time). As an extra tip: Ask the waiter for the garnish, opt for vegetables, salad or a roasted potato and control the portions, they propose.

In addition, they encourage you to practice mindful eating, that is, to focus on the experience of each bite: Eat slowly, it will allow you to enjoy your food more, be more aware of the portions you consume and it will make your body have feeling full with less food and make digestion lighter .

4. Dessert: yes or no?

For those with a sweet tooth, this is their Achilles heel, but there are always alternatives to enjoy a happy ending: It is advisable to choose seasonal fruit or a lemon sorbet without alcohol. If you are a sweet lover, you can indulge yourself with a infusion sweetened with honey and lemon or, if there is no other option, share with other diners . In addition, as sure to have a good digestion you can always prepare a tea when you get home like the ones that Elisabeth, director of INOUT, has just launched, a range of four different ecological blends among which Silhouette (based on red vine tea , red tea, green tea, peppermint or goldenrod), with dandelion, rosemary, horsetail or green nettle) and Diuretic (rich in bearberry, birch), get benefits cleansing, fat burning, satiating and thermo genetic that accelerate metabolism.

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