How Fit can you be just by Walking?

Healthy LifeFit can you be just by Walking In recent months, most of us, when we climb the scales, find that our weight is greater than ever. But is walking the solution to lose weight and become fit? The truth is, with the gyms closed and the rather limited entertainment options that have made us throw it away in cocooning with Netflix and food, we do not want to be deprived of the few pleasures we have left, nor do we want to push it ourselves with tough improvised diet and exercise programs.

So, walking seems like a good and easy solution. Especially if we take care to measure the calories we receive on a daily basis, so that e.g. not to exceed 2,000. But how fit can we become just by walking, without other changes in our lifestyle?

Many nutritionists and personal trainers claim that walking is the most unused tool in the field of wellness and health. This is because, for the most part, most of us are not emotionally ready to accept the fact that our physical well-being can be easy, which includes neither difficult yoga exercises nor expensive spinning bikes.

We are almost programmed to believe that exercise and fat loss is something that should bother us. And yet. If you are looking for a quick program that promises to make you fit after you first get tired, it is very likely that you will fail. But if you instead resort to a basic program, which you will adhere to continuously, the results will come later, but will last.

The most popular fitness trackers on the market suggest that you do 10,000 steps a day. After all, almost from the beginning of the world, long walks have always been the hidden weapon of those who wanted to change their body.

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