Fit despite Corona: Exercises For At Home

Fitness studios and sports clubs are currently closed due to Corona, working from home is part of everyday life for many. Dining table instead of desk, upholstered chair instead of swivel chair – the strain on the body increases significantly.

Small exercises in between help not to tense up after many hours on the laptop. Whenever possible, you should work standing up – for example, while talking on the phone or reading. With a little training, this can even be done on one leg.

Simple exercises for the home office at the table

These simple exercises can be easily integrated into the working day in the home office. Repeat each exercise at least ten times:

Tense the thighs and buttocks several times in a row and let them relax again – even while sitting.

To strengthen your calves, lift your toes, hold them briefly – and then lift your heels.

Good for your chest and arms: while sitting, stretch your arms forward and hold them for a few seconds. Then let it hang and shake out.

While sitting, place both hands flat on the table near the edge, press firmly on the plate, hold briefly and loosen.

To relax your neck, sit on the front edge of the chair, let your arms hang slightly outwards, and turn your palms outwards. Then alternately tilt your head towards your shoulders for a few seconds.

Sports courses for the home

Anyone who otherwise does sport regularly and doesn’t just want to do short exercises in between can train specifically at home. More than one mat is usually not necessary for this. Proven standard exercises such as reclining and side supports, squats and sit-ups are suitable as a program. Those who prefer to train effectively under supervision can use a fitness app or videos from the Internet, for example from various health insurance companies. Many studios offer their members online sports courses live and on demand.

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