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HEALTHY THROUGH THE CORONA CRISISRegular exercise has a positive effect on physical and mental health. However, a transmission of the novel coronavirus cannot be ruled out during sport either. If you breathe heavily during exercise, the droplets produced when you exhale spread much more widely than usual. It is therefore particularly important to keep enough distance, especially when you are out of breath.

Exercise outside as often as possible this year. Sports that involve very close physical contact should be avoided. Maybe you will try something different to stay fit. Here you will find seven tips to stay fit and healthy – despite the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Lots of people, higher risk

Sport in larger groups increases the risk of infection. Please note the currently applicable regulations – and the general rules of conduct that are summarized in the aha formula: keep your distance, observe hygiene rules (correct coughing and sneezing, washing your hands) and – where things get tight – wear a mask in everyday life.

  1. Low risk when doing outdoor sports at a distance

In sports where you can keep your distance between the active people, the risk of infection is relatively low. This is especially true when the sport is practiced in the fresh air, e.g. b. Tennis, golf, canoeing. You can also go cycling, sailing or rowing without hesitation if you are traveling alone or with your family. The more people from different households there are, the greater the risk of becoming infected. Therefore, reduce the circle of your training partners to a minimum during the coronavirus pandemic and keep it as constant as possible.

  1. Jogging in the fresh air

Especially if you go jogging alone or with members of your own household, you are exposed to a very low risk of infection. When you go jogging outside, you should always make sure that you keep enough distance from other people.

  1. Sports with physical contact are currently unsuitable

If possible, avoid disciplines in which the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is difficult to keep. Sports with direct physical contact, such as wrestling, are currently not suitable.

  1. Sports class at home or outside

Pilates, yoga or sit-ups in the living room: there is a wide range of online sports courses, which you can often access free of charge. Influencers offer inspiration and exercises for a home work out on their youtube channels. Many sports studios and sports clubs offer online courses.

Older people can use fitness videos and instructions that are individually tailored to their physical abilities in order to stay fit together with their relatives at home. One offer is, for example, the teamgeist for people with dementia campaign by the bmg.

  1. Integrate sport in the new everyday life

With a little creativity, you can incorporate physical activity into your everyday life without running a higher risk of infection. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Tips for back and fitness exercises between two video conferences can be found e.g. b. At the federal center for health education and on the websites of many health insurance companies. Avoid the bus and train, rather go on foot or ride a bike. If you keep your distance, you will also make safe progress in the coronavirus pandemic.

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