Corona Crisis: Effective Muscle Training At Home

Does Fat Really Make You FattyBecause of the Corona crisis, many people are largely at home and spend the day on the computer and the phone. Anyone who then has to forego their usual sports program or is simply less on the move will quickly notice how much they lack exercise. Our muscles break down after just a few days of inactivity. And the older a person is, the faster they lose muscles. But this can be prevented with just a little movement.

20 minutes a day is enough for this. Two minutes of spontaneous strength training every now and then helps to maintain the muscles.

Push-ups and leg lifts in between

If you are waiting in the kitchen for the water to boil, you can, for example, do push-ups on the sideboard during this time. They strengthen the entire trunk and arms. Or leg lifts: while standing, pull your legs up until your thigh is parallel to the floor. The goal is to complete the exercise 200 times in two minutes. To do this, slowly increase the speed and practice several times a day.

Simple exercises help to keep fit

You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to strengthen all muscle groups. Everyone will find what they need at home: a couch, for example, two bottles of water, a broomstick, socks or towels and a few rolls of the currently coveted toilet paper. These simple exercises will help you stay fit:

Plank – if necessary over some roles: Leaning on your forearms, try to maintain tension in your stretched body for as long as possible. The exercise is done a little longer each day. Above all, it strengthens the core muscles.

Jumps over toilet paper rolls: hop over the rolls as often as possible with your legs together. This strengthens the leg muscles and balance.

Broom fencing: In a lunge, move a broomstick forward in a circle next to your body. This loosens and strengthens the arm, shoulder and neck muscles.

Lateral lifter: The shoulder and arm muscles can also be well trained by lifting more or less full water bottles from the side.

Another tip: Many fitness studios currently offer a large selection of online sports courses on the Internet so that training at home does not become too boring.

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