Losing Weight Without Exercise

losing weight without exercise

You don’t have to throw your diet plans overboard because you can losing weight without exercise. The most important thing is a healthy diet. With these tips, losing weight is guaranteed to work!

Can you lose weight without exercising?

As the saying goes? Abs are made in the kitchen! And there is actually something to the saying. If you believe nutrition and fitness experts, it is more crucial to the success of a diet to be disciplined when eating than to always go to the gym diligently.

The lion’s share (around 70%) can be ascribed to the right diet, so exercise only contributes to 30% of the success of the diet. That means in plain language: A simple weight reduction – without looking at fat and muscle mass – is therefore also possible without exercise.

Losing weight with exercise is more sustainable

But: Those who exercise regularly in addition to a conscious diet are not only doing their health a favor – the weight loss is also significantly more sustainable. This is hardly surprising when you consider that muscle mass burns more calories than fat – even when you are resting. In plain language:

if you exercise regularly and build muscles, you increase your basal metabolic rate, so you can eat more and have a lower risk of the dreaded yo-yo effect. The weight loss is thus much more sustainable, the new weight can be maintained much easier, also because exercise stimulates the metabolism. If you also want to get your body in optimal shape, there is no avoiding exercise, not to mention the physical feeling and the health benefits that regular exercise brings.

Still not convinced that exercise is a good idea? Then you should take the following everyday tips to heart. Because if you incorporate small changes in your diet, you can also save or burn a few calories without exercising and thus save yourself a trip to the gym.

Lose weight without exercise: the best tips for everyday life

o Avoid sweets and snacks (at least 4-5 hours break between meals)

o No sweetened drinks, drink plenty of water or tea (stimulates the metabolism!)

o Do not drink alcohol, because alcohol slows down the burning of fat

o Cooking fresh, no ready meals – this gives you the best overview of calories. There are delicious meal prep recipes here

o Integrate more movement into everyday life: stairs instead of a lift, visit colleagues in the office and not call or get off one stop earlier and walk a little longer

o For many, a helpful option to reduce weight: intermittent fasting

o Take your time while eating: Do not swallow, but slowly and carefully chew every bite

o Converting housework into a workout: cleaning windows, vacuuming or scrubbing tiles can burn a few calories at the same time. If you want to know exactly: Everything about calorie consumption in everyday life

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