Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit!

Sleep well: how to rest well to feel fit! We have often talked about how a good rest is complementary to a good workout. Sleeping well helps us recover from the fatigue (of the day and workouts) and allows us to face new commitments with more determination.
Not to mention that, if you are on a diet, sleeping well also helps you resist hunger pangs. To respond well to diet and training a body must be healthy and well rested. Proper rest is essential!
Did you know that if you sleep too little, the production of gherkin, the hormone that stimulates appetite, increases? The damn will not only make you hungry but it will make you really want crap! So try to sleep at least 7 hours a night if you want a healthy, responsive and lean body.

Tips for sleeping well
Sleep is a precious moment for our body and mind: while you sleep your body produces growth hormones, which also help stimulate the immune system. A good sleep allows you to wake up with a more relaxed face and smoother skin. But it’s not just a matter of beauty, health and well-being take a huge advantage. But how can you help sleep and counteract insomnia? Here are some practical tips.
Eat healthy
Whether you are on a diet or not, to sleep well it is essential not to overdo it at the table. Sleeping well after eating a lot and, above all, heavy, becomes an impossible task!
Try to eat healthy and easily digestible foods, without too many seasonings. Also be careful not to overdo it in the opposite direction: it is really difficult to sleep with hunger cramps! The classic pre-bed snack can help you quench your hunger.
Create a welcoming environment
Being able to lie down in a comfortable and cozy bed is the first step to relax and feel protected and pampered. More generally, a tidy, clean and, perhaps, slightly scented room is certainly able to help you sleep. Excellent humidifiers in which you can insert essential oils.
Order is the first step, because in a disorderly and chaotic environment the chi, that is the vital energy that normally circulates everywhere, gets stuck.
Organize your workouts
Training consistently allows you to release daily frustrations and stresses but, be careful, doing your workout too late could be counterproductive. You could run the risk of feeling too agitated and having a hard time falling asleep.
Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine
Insomnia is one of the most frequent sleep disorders in the adult population (about 10% suffer from chronic insomnia). Here’s what to avoid in order to sleep better:
Alcohol: The risks associated with alcohol abuse are the subject of numerous studies. The University of Michigan (USA) conducted a study on 93 people with a history of alcoholism giving half of them a placebo and the other half an alcoholic substance before going to sleep. The results indicate that the intake of alcoholic beverages affects the normal sequence of the 4 phases of sleep: subjects sleep soundly the first part of the night, and then wake up without returning to sleep.
Coffee and tea: The caffeine present in coffee and tea, but also in other foods and drinks such as chocolate or Coca Cola, increases heart rate, blood pressure and attention, making it more difficult to sleep well. you can replace tea or coffee in the evening with Rooibos (red tea that does not contain thane) or with herbal teas specially created to combat insomnia.
Nicotine: Science and medicine no longer know how to tell us that smoking always hurts. Perhaps not everyone knows that it is the enemy of a good rest. according to the National Sleep Foundation, insomnia can be caused by many psychic and physical factors, as well as by lifestyle habits. Nicotine is certainly a powerful stimulant, which makes smokers more likely to suffer from insomnia especially if they smoke just before falling asleep.
Create a relaxing routine
Often what disturbs sleep is the difficulty in letting go of the thoughts of the day and, above all, the awareness of everything that awaits us when we wake up. We need a precise organization to feel more serene!
Make sure you do these little things that, when added together, will help you sleep well:
Maintain the right room temperature; the ideal is about 19.8 °.
Try to wait at least 27 minutes since you last checked your mobile.
Do you know that white walls or, in any case with light tones, help you rest better?
Turn off the television a bit before going to bed, especially avoid watching overly engaging programs.
Find the right position in bed: Experts recommend sleeping with two pillows and curling up on your right side.

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