Postural Gymnastics: The Exercises to do at Home

Physical problems start in the form of muscle aches that gradually become contractual, and then turn into real injuries. The most affected parts are the lumbar area and the back in general, but the shoulders and neck are also involved. Sitting with your back too arched causes the classic pain we feel when we get up or bend over. Staying with the neck and shoulders in tension for long periods creates severe muscle contractual that can also cause cervical problems.

How to intervene to improve posture
With our health you don’t mess around! It would be good to contact highly qualified structures and personnel with skills and machinery capable of analyzing our situation and suggesting possible solutions.
In the meantime, we don’t have to sit idle by. At home we can do some simple exercises to try to improve posture right away.
Here we enter the magical world of postural gymnastics. Basically, they are a set of physical exercises that are intended to restore lost muscle balance. It acts on the most rigid and painful areas of the body, trying to improve posture, mobility and muscle elasticity.
Like any physical activity it is not to be taken lightly.
Correct execution of exercises to improve posture
Before starting to do DIY exercises, it is better to inform yourself well to avoid getting more harm than good.
If you are into stretching, yoga and plates are exercises you already know, but you probably won’t have any posture problems either. For us, masses of muscles tied up like a Christmas package, here’s how to try to melt.
Postural gymnastics exercises to do at home
Postural exercise 1
The most classic exercise is to rest your palms on the floor while standing with your legs slightly bent. Don’t be smart and keep your heels flat on the ground. Hold the position for 1 minute and return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.
Postural gymnastics exercise 2
Without wasting time, change your position and get on all fours with your legs at 90 °, bend your back first upwards and then downwards. Always maintain the position for a few seconds and repeat the exercise.
Postural exercise 3
If your neck and shoulders are a problem, I recommend that you try sitting on the ground with your legs crossed, back straight and shoulders loose. You will need an elastic band to hold tight as you raise your arms above your head. As always, don’t forget to hold the position.
Postural exercise 4
For the cervical while keeping your shoulders relaxed and your back straight, try to rotate your head with your chin up and stop when you are in line with your shoulders.
Postural exercise 5
Now a good exercise for the legs. Try to extend the right leg while the left remains bent inside. With your back straight, reach out until you touch your toes.
These were just a few simple examples of exercises that are cheap to do at home but if performed regularly, they allow the muscles to regain elasticity. If, for example, you want to train with a fit ball, here is our Fit ball article, exercises to lose weight and improve posture. At the cost of repeating myself, be very careful because even exercises that may seem trivial, if poorly performed, do more harm than good.
Postural gymnastics, let’s discover it together. Postural problems are one of the many consequences of the stressful life we lead almost every day. Most of us alternate between the car seat and the office chair for hours. Not to mention those who are forced to stand for many hours.
Unfortunately, even knowing that most of the time we are not in healthy positions, out of habit or distraction we end up maintaining the incorrect posture. In the long run, these wrong behaviors can cause very serious damage and heavily affect our quality of life.

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