Fitness Exercises in Winter

Soon it’s time again. Winter and Christmas are just around the corner. For your figure it is now important to take the necessary precautions for the winter fat that occurs every year. Since the cold and rain don’t exactly increase the motivation to exercise outside, you can also do some practical exercises in the comfort of the gym or at home.

Diagonal Extension and Lift
If you don’t have any equipment or personal trainer at hand, you can start with the so-called diagonal stretcher to keep your legs in shape. To do this, first go to the four-legged stand – if there is no exercise mat, it is best to put a pillow or towel under your knees. Then the right leg is pulled back, making sure that the heel points upwards. The leg, back and arm should now form a straight line. Now the right knee and the left elbow are brought together, a rounded back makes the exercise easier. Then the arm and leg are stretched again. Ideally, you should repeat this exercise ten times before you can hold the stretch for 30 seconds at the end. In this exercise, the back, buttocks, shoulders and arms are stressed and thus trained. It is important that you do not look up but look down, otherwise your throat may hurt after the exercises.
The pool lifter is also a useful winter sport alternative and also helps to get fit for skiing. Here you lie on your back and bend your legs. The feet are placed near the buttocks, while the arms are next to the body. Now the buttocks are raised towards the ceiling until they form a straight line from the shoulder to the knee. This position is held briefly and then the body is lowered to the floor. Before reaching the floor, however, lift your buttocks back up. By repeating this exercise ten times, you will strengthen your lower back, thigh muscles and of course your buttocks.
Keep Your Position!
To do this correctly, it must be ensured that the head is relaxed the whole time and that a right angle is maintained during the extension. If you train without a fitness trainer, make sure that you do the exercises correctly, otherwise pain and strains can be quickly threatened. Above all, those who do not know how to exercise should rather allow themselves the support and motivation of experienced training partners, otherwise the exercise will quickly become a health trap. In addition to the abs, legs and buttocks exercises on machines, many fitness studios also offer courses in which you can have fun while exercising. In addition, especially in the beginner phase, trainers ensure that you do not overwork yourself and your body and that you also control your pulse. The gym is therefore important, especially for newcomers, so that training can be designed effectively.

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