Staying Fit – Recreational Sport in the Corona Crisis

Staying Fit at homeStaying at home – that is the order of the day in the Corona crisis. But you should definitely not do without sport, after all, we need defenses – currently more than ever. But how? And where? And what? Athletes show how it is done, answers the most important questions for everyday life.
How important is sport in everyday corona?
Exercise and balance are more important than ever in the current situation: Exercise and physical activity promote mental and physical well-being. The worse you feel, the more you benefit from physical activity. This applies to both mood and physical well-being.

Which sports are available?
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If possible, you should exercise in the great outdoors, in the fresh air. This strengthens the immune system and reduces stress. Jogging, cycling or walking. In general, one should practice sports in which one feels safe and does not overexert oneself. The type of sport and load should not be changed abruptly in the current situation, otherwise the risk of injury increases.
Should you keep a minimum distance of two meters from other runners when jogging?
In any case. The risk of infection outside closed rooms is less than in closed rooms. Depending on the weather, the virus spreads like smoke in the air. Sometimes it sinks faster, sometimes slower to the ground. This is why you can get infected while jogging or infect other runners if you don’t keep a distance of two meters. The risk is greatest when it is calm, foggy and humid. The UV rays from sunlight, on the other hand, are bad for viruses.
How can you do sports at home?
Ingenuity is required: In the home office e.g. Set the alarm clock every thirty minutes and do five minutes of gymnastics or a little workout by the open window. Endurance training in the form of running or walking on the spot is also possible. Many gymnastics and fitness programs that you normally do in the gym can also be carried out in your own living room.
How intensely can you do sports?
Moderate physical activity strengthens the immune system. The training should be fun and not compulsory; otherwise it will cause stress that is counterproductive for the body. With a high sporting intensity the susceptibility to an infection is increased up to four hours afterwards.
Which sports should you avoid?
Sports that involve a certain risk of accidents or that have not been practiced for a long time should be avoided. If you haven’t ridden inline skates or racing bikes for a long time, there is an increased risk of accidents.
Can you do sports if you don’t feel completely fit?
If you have the first symptoms of the disease, you should refrain from any kind of sport, just as it applies to other flu-like infections.

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