Eat more soup! The health benefits of soup

Soups still have a strange image. Maybe because that was something you (used to) got when you were sick. So some of us associate bad childhood memories with soup.
In some cases, soups are still not considered a particularly high quality meal. Poor people’s food. Recycling. There are now soup restaurants and the picture has changed. Not only creative compositions from distant countries make soups colorless and boring anymore.

While the aroma of a boiling pot of homemade soup is tempting, the hassle for many is also daunting. But homemade soups don’t have to take hours to cook. In fact, you don’t need a lot of culinary know-how at all. There are many ways you can conjure them up and bring a range of health benefits to your family.
Hidden vegetables
Vegetables contain important nutrients, which include is also very important for intestinal bacteria. Vegetables fill you up with fiber and promote digestion.
Soups are an easy way to increase the vegetable intake of the more fussy eaters in the family. The less popular types can be diced into very small pieces together with the favorite types (or those that are tolerated;). Another option is to puree the soup. Some might say that adding vegetables to a kid’s menu is not the best way to do it, but it’s better to add a secret plant-based repertoire than none.
Nutrients and warmth
Some nutrients are better absorbed when the food is heated than when it is eaten raw. Cooked carrots, for example, provide more absorbable beta-carotene – the orange pigment. The same goes for lycopene, the red pigment responsible for the color of tomatoes.
If you cook your vegetables and use the cooking water instead of throwing it away, the water-soluble vitamins will not be lost as you might otherwise. Cooking kale, spinach or Swiss chard increases the B vitamin content in soup.
Cooked and pureed food is also easier to digest than raw food.
Support in losing weight
If a serving of vegetable soup is eaten at the beginning of a meal, this not only improves the intake of vegetables, but also ensures that fewer total calories are consumed at this meal.
It is therefore a great opportunity to help young people in particular to curb their (sometimes too) large appetites. Since vegetables contain many basic minerals, the body is also detoxified by a soup diet and a possibly disturbed acid-base balance is restored.
But I also have to mention that those who are not on a diet and have a rather small appetite have to be careful that they do not only eat soup, because the body is supplied with extremely few calories and it is due to the low intake of Protein muscles broken down. So watch out and speak to an expert here.
Another advantage for losing weight: you tend to take longer to eat soup because it is hot and spooned – that way you will be fuller and faster in the end.
If losing weight is your goal, omit starchy ingredients like potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. A little protein and fat should definitely be in there, otherwise the saturation won’t last long!
strengthen your immune system
Bone broths made from chicken bones, beef bones or fish bones in particular contain a lot of L-glutamine. This amino acid helps reduce inflammation in the lining of the intestines.
If the intestinal mucosa is tight, our body’s defenses work better.
In addition, soups often contain herbs that also strengthen our immune system. If you are sick, you should definitely use the well-tried soup!
Creative tips for a soup in no time:
• Add chopped leafy greens or pre-washed baby spinach to a store-bought tomato soup.
• Steam the frozen vegetables and grated ginger in a low-sodium broth and top up with a splash of sesame oil. To make it a main course, add e.g. Add frozen grilled chicken strips and cook for 10 minutes before adding the vegetables.
• Add drained and rinsed canned legumes such as chickpeas or kidney beans to a prepared vegetable soup or broth,
• Add packaged coleslaw mix or broccoli salad to a prepared broth. Put diced tomatoes in a tin.
• If you’re making large quantities of soup, freeze them in labeled containers for quick use later.
• There are many combinations that can delight the taste buds, so get your kids involved in some great soup ideas.

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