Active in the Home Office: This is How You Stay Fit at Your Desk at Home

lockdown fitnessThe home office is currently the office of choice. Due to Corona, it is important to keep the risk of infection low. Some behaviors newbie’s have to learn now: This is how they stay fit.
More and more people are working from home due to the corona pandemic. This tries to keep the risk of infection in the population low. For professionals who work at home, this also means that when in doubt, they move even less than they already do: for example, they no longer travel to work by bike, as well as going to the gym on the way home. Maria Schumann knows what negative consequences this lack of exercise can have for these people sooner or later. She is a health scientist and advises individuals and companies on how to deal with diet, exercise, stress and sleep in a healthy way.

There’s absolutely something to the saying‘ If you rest, you rust ‘, the Berliner reveals in an interview with this sites. Our body lives from movement: when we move, everything runs smoothly. It’s a system that repairs itself and only breaks when we don’t use it.
Fit in the home office: Develop new routines
The reduced lack of exercise – for example as a result of long periods of sitting – affects muscle activity, strains the inter vertebral discs, impairs blood circulation and the oxygen supply to all organs. Fewer calories are burned, the body gets tired faster and can concentrate less well. It’s not just our work performance that drops, explains Maria Schumann. In the long term, a lack of exercise can lead to the development of a wide variety of illnesses such as obesity, back pain, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. In addition to an ergonomic workplace, it is therefore important to integrate as much exercise as possible into everyday work in the home office, the health expert says. It starts with sitting and stops with smaller exercises during breaks. Maria Schumann knows the tips.
Basically, there is no such thing as an optimal sitting posture, says the expert. The best sitting posture is therefore always the next. She recommends so-called dynamic sitting. In contrast to static sitting, the back is moved as much as possible and switched between the front, upright and rear sitting posture. In order to counter back pain in particular, we can start with this knowledge when we sit down, says the Berliner. She also recommends planning exercises at the desk in between. Starting with circling the head over shoulders, arms and hands, the so-called chest opener, the folding of the hands behind the back, up to the side bending to the right and left. In addition, seated people can occasionally turn their spine or tilt their pelvis from front to back.
In the home office, the consequences of sitting for long periods of time must be countered preventive with a few new movement routines. From my point of view, there are numerous opportunities here in the home office: There is no commute, so that we can use the time gained to do a little morning workout, explains the expert. Those who lack ideas can use numerous online programs or smartphone apps such as Frenetic or Down Dog – for example, with a view to general fitness training to strengthen strength and endurance or flexibility training with the help of yoga. In principle, however, she also recommends simply exercises with your own body weight. So there are no excuses why the workout doesn’t work, says Maria Schumann. We don’t need more than our own body for these exercises.
Maria Schumann refers to numerous exercises with which employees can not only promote muscle strength, but also endurance, coordination and mobility. It is very important that we always warm up briefly before doing the exercises to prevent injuries. The forearm support, also called plank, acts on the whole body. In addition, push ups and squats help to train muscle strength. The side lunge or the bending forward also support mobility. Jumping jacks promote stamina. The one-legged stance or opposite arm circles, on the other hand, improves coordination. A mixture of everything is offered by a tool that we know from our childhood days: The skipping rope is the perfect piece of sports equipment for a little exercise in between, says Maria Schumann. And it is fun!

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