6 Tips for Better Sleep in Summer

Better SleepAre you still sweating or are you asleep? Sleeping in summer can be a real challenge on particularly hot days. We torture ourselves in completely overheated bedrooms and toss and turn.
Often at some point sleeping in the heat is no longer possible. The next day is all the more agonizing when the lack of rest of the previous night troubles us. But why do you sleep badly in the heat? What helps against hot nights?
We have kept a cool head and started looking for the right answers for you. Our 7 tips will show you how to get a good night’s sleep. Are you ready to take a dip?
Tip 1: Gather knowledge – why do you sleep badly in the heat?
Finding sleep in the heat can be really difficult, but why is that? Our body lowers its temperature a little when falling asleep. He works best at temperatures of 16-20 degrees in the bedroom.

If the temperatures in bedrooms are 25 degrees and above, our sleep is disturbed in summer. Lowering the body temperature is difficult and our brain sends the signal to our body that it can stay awake.
For this reason, we have to make sure that our body gets the necessary cooling. Gentle remedies are much more helpful here than, for example, an ice-cold shower or a frozen drink.
Tip 2: keep your bedroom cool during the day!
How can I fall asleep better in summer? By taking a number of precautions in the morning so that the heat in the sleeping area does not increase as much. Hardly any effort is required for this, just a consistent routine.
To do this, ventilate the bedroom in the morning with the cool morning air. But then close the windows and protect them well with suitable blinds or curtains. For this purpose, specially coated materials are best suited, which ensure that the room does not get too hot.
Only ventilate the bedroom again in the evening just before going to bed to let in fresh oxygen for the night. Sleeping in the heat is best with the window wide open at night.
By the way, electronic devices also encourage rooms to overheat. If possible, you should avoid it in the area of your bed entirely. Also turn off larger light sources as they will further fuel this effect.
Tip 3: Suitable mattresses and bed linen for a good night’s sleep in summer!
Why is it difficult to sleep in the heat? Have you ever taken a closer look at your mattress? It is only suitable for an optimal rest phase at night if it optimally absorbs heat and moisture and releases it again. By the way, there are also special gel pads for the summer, which also provide cooling.

You should also choose bed linen made from light and cool materials such as linen, cotton or silk. Many people also appreciate particularly breathable seersucker bed linen.
Tip 4: moderate exercise before going to bed!
Make sure you get enough exercise, even on hot days. Balancing sport is good for body and mind. You can then fall into bed relaxed and exhausted.
How can I sleep better in summer? By being careful not to overdo the exercise and stopping at least two hours before bed. Then the body has the opportunity to shut down the circulation and optimally prepare for sleep.
Tip 5: lukewarm showers and relax!
What helps against hot nights? Even if the temptation to take an ice-cold shower before bed in the heat is great, don’t do it! This causes the blood vessels to contract too much and heat can build up. This means that you will feel the heat even more extreme afterwards. The cold is immediately followed by increased sweating.
Good to know: It is better to take a lukewarm shower and give your body an even cooling off. So he can shut down shortly before going to bed and relax optimally. Avoid TV or work on laptop and smartphone during this time. A good book or audio book ensures relaxation and prevents overstimulation.
Tip 6: Drink enough, but stay away from cold drinks!
What helps against hot nights? Even if it’s a shame, an ice-cold beer or a cold lemonade is unfortunately not. On the contrary, like a very cold shower, such chilled drinks only provide relief for a short time. However, they ensure that the body then suffers even more from the heat.
If alcohol or caffeine also comes into play, the circulation and metabolism are properly boosted. An effect that makes sleeping even more difficult in the heat.

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