Top Exercises from a Doctor for Self-Isolation

Top Exercises at homeDue to the non-working week due to the corona virus pandemic, many people are sitting at home. The specialist told about exercises to strengthen health while self-isolation lasts. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health.
Maintaining health and strengthening the body is an important task for every person, especially those in self-isolation. How to do this, a physician of physiotherapy exercises of the highest qualification category, told.
The foundation for a healthy lifestyle, including in self-isolation, is physical exercise. It will keep you toned throughout the day.

For the neck:
Movement of the head forward and backward, and in both directions;
slow turn of the head.
For hands:
circular movements of the hands in a fist;
circular movements with one shoulder joint alternately or engage a pair of shoulders at once;
rotation of the forearms: on account of 1-4 to yourself, then on account of 4-8 back;
elbow rotation: touch the shoulders with your fingers, rotate for a count of 1-8.
For the torso:
smooth bending forward, trying to reach the floor with the fingers;
rotational movements of the pelvis: the position of the hands on the belt;
body tilts to both sides: bend your arms when tilting.
For legs:
swing legs: 10-12 times per leg;
circular movements of the knees, performed in an inclined position;
slow squats: about 10 times.
Also, physical warm-up is divided by age groups.
Exercises for teens
An active lifestyle is indispensable for schoolchildren, because prevents back problems and strengthens the muscle corset. They will benefit from:
walking without moving from a place for 60 seconds;
bending forward: arms on shoulders, perform 8-10 times;
touching the floor: bend forward, try to touch the floor, repeat 15 times;
circular movements of the body to the left and right:
jumping in place.
Exercises for adults
Exercise for adults will help keep the body in good shape, strengthen the cardiovascular system and relieve fatigue and drowsiness. You can supplement the basic dumbbell training program. Basic exercises include: squats (20-25 times), classic and side lunges (15 times per leg); plank, twisting (10-15 times). You can independently combine and supplement the set of exercises, the main thing is that all exercises should bring you ease and pleasure.
A set of exercises for people aged
Doctors recommend that people of age follow a simple exercise program:
high step: walking in place with high knees, in the amount of 30-40 steps;
atlas: in a standing position, bring your hands in a fist to your shoulders, strain your chest, perform side turns 20-30 times;
playing with the stomach: while exhaling, you need to relax the stomach as much as possible, and while inhaling, on the contrary, pull in, perform 10-12 times;
overlap steps: walking in place, try to touch the buttocks with your heels, 40-50 times.
The main recommendation for this workout is to observe the breathing technique: the maximum load is done on inhalation, and the minimum is vice versa. If you are not tired, you can do the complex again. The main thing is that the time for class does not exceed 10-15 minutes.
Regardless of the age group, lovers of an active lifestyle should follow simple rules:
You don’t need to eat breakfast before warm-up.
Observe the breathing technique during physical activity, breathe deeply and evenly: inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth.
Gradually increase the intensity of the exercises, for example, replacing them with more difficult ones, or increase the number of repetitions.
“Due to the current situation, most people are in self-isolation, in such conditions, physical inactivity can have an adverse effect on the body. We recommend spending the day in motion and offer sets of exercises that help strengthen the body. At the same time, it is a good prevention of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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