How to Lose 10 Kg of Weight in a Healthy and Sustainable Way

How Can I Lose Weight FastLosing 10 pounds is a big project. We’ll tell you whether it makes sense for you and what measures can be taken to make it sustainable
Before embarking on a weight loss project that is based on just a number, understand why. Is your desired weight 10 kilo away? Have you put on those same 10 pounds lately for no good reason? That would be understandable reasons. But if you want to fit into any standard or emulate a role model, you should be careful!
It is better to orientate yourself according to your own wishes and needs, not according to external guidelines that have nothing to do with you. Let’s face it: losing weight is not easy. But when it comes to a whole 10 kilos, the whole thing has to be sensible and feasible.

We spoke to two women who know what they are talking about: nutrition and fitness coach Marie Steffen and Maximiliane, who has reduced her weight from 77 to 67 kilos. You can read here how she did it and what helpful tips from Coach Marie will make the fight against the pounds easier for you.
What is the most important thing to lose 10 pounds in a healthy way?
Patience and confidence. Always remember that you are human and not a machine that can be converted at will. 10 kilos are not the same as 10 kilos. A very overweight woman can get rid of the 10 kilos faster than a woman who is already on the final spurt to her dream figure.
And: everybody is different. Therefore it is very important that you give your body the time it needs. If you think you could lose 10 pounds in 4 weeks you are on the wrong track and you are wrong. Because that would be neither healthy nor long-lasting.
How can I lose 10 pounds?
Maximiliane knows what it feels like to lose 10 kilos. The 1.73 m tall woman from Hamburg has reduced her weight from 77 to 67 kilos. 10 kilos that is tough. Because: The first 10 kilos are usually not the problem, rather the last. They are particularly persistent.
How did the 28-year-old manage it anyway? First with a change in your diet. She has tried many diets, none of which are 100 percent her thing. I just tried to take what was good for me from every diet. So she often does without carbohydrates, and even sugar is only allowed in moderation in her menu.

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