Corona: Employee Health & Corporate Identity In The Home

In an ongoing exceptional situation, triggered by the global corona pandemic, companies and employees are gradually adapting to the new circumstances and circumstances.
Home office because of corona
Laptops, headsets and webcams are now just as difficult to obtain as protective masks, toilet paper and hand disinfectants. Many companies have purchased the equipment they need for their employees and are now working hard from home and taking care of the children. But how do home offices and a purely digital contact culture affect employee health and corporate identity?

Employee health in the home office
Even before Corona times, there were challenges that had to be considered with employees who mainly work from their home office. For example, it has long been known that regular work from the home office means that the separation between private and professional spheres dissolves more. , which can lead to psychological problems. Constant availability, hard to define working hours, pressure to perform. In the home office, the mental health of employees can quickly suffer.
But the physical health of employees is also put to the test in times of curfew and continuous home office.
Those who spend the whole day at their desk at home move even less than before. Ways to and from work are eliminated, the previously short but important walk to the meeting room or the canteen is now being replaced by the much shorter walk to your own kitchen or children’s room.
Due to the officially ordered closure of sports facilities such as yoga studios, CrossFit boxes or gyms, there is also no compensation offer that could otherwise be used during leisure. The same applies to Office Sport offers or sports courses for employees in the office offered by the company.
The problem is exacerbated by jobs at home. In offices, employees usually have ergonomically designed workplaces that are designed to enable long work on the job. It is not for nothing that the legislature specifically listed these measures in the workplace regulation .
However, jobs in the home office usually look different. If there is a designated work place at all and not the kitchen table or, in the worst case, the sofa or even the bed as a work place.
It is therefore not surprising that after several weeks of working from home, many HR departments are confronted with calls for help from their employees. Back pain, knee & neck pain, sleep problems, weight gain and a loss of concentration and energy are the most common problems.
More and more companies are now relying on providers of sports courses to motivate their employees to exercise through a live video conference and thus to prevent the health problems of the home office.
If you cannot come to us, we will come to you. is the motto.
Whether functional fitness , yoga , meditation or even Zumba. Live sports offers exclusively for companies via Zoom, Google Hangout or Cisco Webex are on the way and help companies keep their employees healthy and lively even in their home office.
Also currently under discussion is whether the tax-deductible prevention courses for providers will require special licensing from the Central Prevention Center when live online offers can be held .
In addition to physical health, online sports offers also ensure the mental health of employees and can maintain and even strengthen the company identity in these difficult times.
Maintain company identity and corporate culture in the home office
Many companies have invested in it for years and worked hard to build a strong corporate identity and a corporate culture that is a unique selling point for the company as an employer.
This motivates employees to do their best to identify with the company’s mission and to incorporate it into their daily work. At the same time, companies with a strong corporate identity and corporate culture stand out on the job market as particularly attractive employers and thus create a competitive advantage when it comes to the now highly competitive specialists.
But what do you do when meetings are only digital and the interpersonal exchange is limited to Zoom and Google Hangout Meetings as well as conference calls?
The joint participation in live online sports courses enables employees to stay in touch apart from work meetings, to experience positive emotions together and to maintain a sense of community.
At the same time, stress can be reduced together and wellbeing hormones built up. In addition to the positive physical aspects with regard to employee health, online sports offers also help companies to bring their corporate culture and corporate identity into the living room of their employees and send an important signal: We will not leave you alone! We take care of you! Together, we will do it!

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