5 exercises that help moms get fit after pregnancy

Lay the baby on a mat on its back and kneel in front of the baby. Use both hands to support the baby on the floor more than shoulder-width apart. Go into a push-up position, lowering your hips, so that the body comes from the heels over the hips to the crown in a diagonal plane. Stretch your neck.
Activate abdominal and pelvic muscles. Exhale and extend your left leg, stretch your toes. The full body posture is maintained. Hold briefly, inhale and lower the leg again.
2. The waist shaper
Sit on the mat on the side of your left hip and rest on your left elbow. For better stability, place the two feet one behind the other or if it should be lighter: the left leg is angled on the floor, the right leg is straight.
Exhale; activate the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles while loosening the left hip from the floor and extending the right arm over the head, extending the body. Hold position. Bring your right arm very slowly in front of your body and describe 3-8 large circles there. Lower the body again.

3. Circle your legs
Starting position as for the waist shaper, here too, loosen your hips from the floor and stretch your arm upwards.
Build up full body tension, exhale and now spread your upper leg. Hold in this position for a few seconds and then lower the leg again. Lower hip.
With the spread leg first describe small circles and then larger and larger circles. Keep the body stable and make sure that the hips do not tilt backwards or forwards. Describe 3-8 circles and then lower the leg again. Take off your hips.
4. The baby cradle
Stand on your knees, hug the baby in front of your body. Pull your shoulders back and down towards your pockets.
Exhale, activate the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles – deliberately moving the two ischial bones slightly towards each other. Hold tension and slowly lean your upper body back as far as possible. Inhale and come back to the starting position.
In the final position, keep the tension for 8 times while thinking about breathing.
5. The baby swing
Place on your back on the floor. Raise your legs. Then place the baby on the lower leg and hold on to the chest. Now detach both legs from the floor until the thigh and upper body are at right angles to each other.
Exhale, activate the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, lift your hips slightly, detach your head from the floor and pull your knees towards your chest. Keep short. Slowly lower your hips and bring your legs back to the starting position. Relax the pelvic floor muscles while inhaling

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