5 exercises that help moms get fit after pregnancy

Lay the baby on a mat on its back and kneel in front of the baby. Use both hands to support the baby on the floor more than shoulder-width apart. Go into a push-up position, lowering your hips, so that the body comes from the heels over the hips to the crown in a diagonal plane. Stretch your neck.
Activate abdominal and pelvic muscles. Exhale and extend your left leg, stretch your toes. The full body posture is maintained. Hold briefly, inhale and lower the leg again.
2. The waist shaper
Sit on the mat on the side of your left hip and rest on your left elbow. For better stability, place the two feet one behind the other or if it should be lighter: the left leg is angled on the floor, the right leg is straight.
Exhale; activate the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles while loosening the left hip from the floor and extending the right arm over the head, extending the body. Hold position. Bring your right arm very slowly in front of your body and describe 3-8 large circles there. Lower the body again. Continue reading “5 exercises that help moms get fit after pregnancy”

5 tips for sore muscles: what to do if it hurts?

Sore muscles do not always have to have something to do with sport, everyday life can be over straining. We reveal 5 tips against nasty muscle pain.
That you get sore muscles from sport is nothing new. But everyday life also harbors a lot of danger of being hit by nasty, long-lasting pain. But where does the pain in the muscles come from? And how can you get rid of it quickly and with as little pain as possible? We explain everything about sore muscles and give 5 tips to relieve it.
Tips against sore muscles: what is it anyway? Continue reading “5 tips for sore muscles: what to do if it hurts?”

Charming Clothes for Your Vacation That Are Also Very Comfortable

Are you looking for the right summer dress but don’t know which one suits you best? In our article we present the 5 most Charming Clothes. These definitely give every lady a romantic and summery look.
The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising – finally the popular summer dresses are being used again. Summer dresses come in many different designs. Whether monochrome, with floral prints, long or short, some of fashion House you are offered numerous modern summers dresses that are sure to convince you.
In summer you can wear almost anything. When buying a new summer dress, you should not only pay attention to the different cuts and colors, but it is also important that they are comfortable above all. Only if you feel comfortable in your summer dress can you also cut a good figure in it.
Charming clothes for your vacation that are also very comfortable. Continue reading “Charming Clothes for Your Vacation That Are Also Very Comfortable”

Sport During Pregnancy

We want to point out right from the start that you absolutely have to discuss your sports program with your gynecologist. We are not a substitute for detailed medical advice!
What was once considered impossible and unhealthy is now recommended to expectant mothers. Exercise and active life during pregnancy is the best medicine, both for the mother and for the unborn child. This is proven by numerous studies that deal with this topic. However, some rules must be observed during the nine months so that sport actually brings benefits during pregnancy and does not harm the mother and child. Continue reading “Sport During Pregnancy”