Obesity is because it is absorbed too fast. It can be thin without eating calories!

The problem of weight loss is simply the problem of follow-up and follow-up. Obesity must be eaten too much, more than the body needs it will be stored into fat. The first condition of obesity is usually too much starch. After eating the starch, it becomes sugar, which becomes fat through glycol, citric acid cycle, and fatty acid synthesis. Many people do not dare to eat fat because they are afraid of fat. They only eat a low-fat diet, but instead of eating oil, they eat a pile of starch.

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According to statistics, 60% of obese people tend to quickly absorb starch and quickly convert it into fat. This is a type II metabolic pattern. You should eat less starch and eat more protein and oil. During the Cultural Revolution in China, 70% of the dietary calories of the people came from starch: steamed buns, noodles, and rice noodles. However, because of the large amount of exercise (walking, cycling), few people had diabetes and had no obesity at all. The same was true of the early Taiwanese, who were accustomed to physical labor and consumed as much starch as possible. Unlike modern people, who live a four-body diligent, lazy and comfortable life every day, the starch in the body cannot be consumed naturally, of course, it is stored. This is a very basic and important concept.
Why do you gain weight? Bad lifestyle habits, such as staying up late, can also lead to obesity, and emotional stress can cause obesity. Many fat people say that they fat when they drink water, which makes no sense. Water has no heat and does not make people fat. From the point of view of the law of material immortality, how is it possible to gain weight by drinking water?
There is also the problem of cognitive errors mentioned earlier. In order to lose weight, do not dare to eat fat, even a little oil must be consumed with water, which is really correct. In fact, the oil has a feeling of satiety, which will inhibit the emptying of the stomach, and there are nine calories per gram, which is very resistant to fever, making the stomach less hungry.
Some obese people have abnormal metabolism: hypothyroidism or inherently easy to gain weight. There are two solutions. One is exercise to improve metabolism; the other is to eat some herbs that can increase metabolism, such as ginger, pepper, etc., all have this effect.
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This way you can lose weight without counting calories!
It is important to thoroughly understand your basal metabolic rate, the correct diet ratio, and total calories, etc., which can be calculated through calculations, as well as detected by instruments or questionnaires. As far as possible, starches are mainly brown rice or bean tags with a low glycolic index, instead of white rice or noodles with a high glycolic index.
Develop the habit of chewing slowly. Since the emptying time of the stomach is fifteen minutes, you should eat lightly, eat slowly, taste carefully, and chew one or twenty times per mouthful. If you gobble up and eat a bunch of things in less than fifteen minutes, your stomach is actually full, but the instructions for fullness are too late to reach the brain, so you do not feel full, and you continue to eat non-stop, the result of overeating Of course it is too fat.
Develop a keen sense of consciousness and feel the fullness of the belly at any time. If you can eat the proportion of foods that are metabolized, it will not make your stomach hungry. Control your meal to be full, eat more fiber food, and increase fullness. Feeling, between meals, enjoy the feeling of refreshing tummy, daily measurement of body fat, so that even if you do not calculate the total calories, you can gradually lose weight.

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