Hungry body! Is it visceral fat? Subcutaneous fat?

If your stomach is pushed forward, you will not only worry about yourself, but also have a reputation from women. In addition, such body types have excessive visceral fat and are at serious risk. How can I become slim?
What is visceral fat?
Visceral fat is accumulated in the body type that the stomach is stiff. Because fat concentrates mainly on the upper body, it is also called the apple body shape. As seen in women, the overwhelming majority are men.
If the abdominal circumference on an empty stomach is 85 cm or more for men and 90 cm or more for women, visceral fat may be excessive. So-called obese body.
Visceral fat adheres to the mesentery in the stomach. The original role is to keep the internal organs in the correct position and protect them from external impacts. In addition, there is a function to temporarily store excess energy in visceral fat.

Therefore, when the fat in the body becomes excessive, only visceral fat increases and the stomach starts to protrude. This is said to have a negative effect on the body. However, since visceral fat is consumed preferentially, its strength is that it can be quickly eliminated if you are concerned.
What type of body is subcutaneous fat?
On the other hand, subcutaneous fat adheres just under the skin as its name suggests. Its main role is not only to prevent external shocks, but also to store nutrition and maintain body temperature so that pregnancy and childbirth can be performed safely. Like visceral fat, it also has a function to temporarily store excess energy, but it does not increase rapidly because it is stored for a long time. Conversely, there is also an aspect that it is difficult to drop.
Because of its role, it is often used by women and concentrates on the lower body of the waist, hips, and thighs. It is rarely seen in men. Also, unlike visceral fat, it is said to have almost no adverse effects on the body.
Causes of visceral fat
As mentioned earlier, visceral fat is stored as energy in the event of excess fat. In other words, excess fat is the cause of visceral fat. If the daily calorie intake exceeds the calorie consumption, the excess calorie is converted to fat without being burned and stored in the mesentery.
Eating too much, drinking too much, lack of exercise, smoking and stress are not unrelated. Women may have increased visceral fat after menopause.
In particular, with increasing age, basal metabolism tends to decrease due to muscle loss and physical ability. Then, even if you eat the same amount, the calorie that can be consumed is reduced, and it becomes easy to get fat. It is said that this is the reason why the number of obese bodies has increased rapidly since middle age.
Serious risk of visceral fat
If visceral fat increases too much, substances synthesized and secreted by adipose tissue are said to have adverse effects on the body. This is a unique risk of visceral fat, not subcutaneous fat.
In fact, obese people are said to be 30 times more likely to develop various lifestyle-related diseases than healthy people.
As mentioned above, the abdominal circumference is 85cm for men and 90cm or more for women. However, unlike subcutaneous fat close to the surface, internal visceral fat cannot be accurately determined from its appearance. Some people are lean and have excessive visceral fat.
In a definitive diagnosis, the area of visceral fat is measured by CT scan or the like. In addition, if two of the three abnormalities, dyslipidemia, hypertension, and hyperglycemia, exceed the threshold, you must be treated.
If there is no specific symptom even if it is said to be a treatment, guidance will be given to improve lifestyle habits and follow-up will be conducted through regular examinations.

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