Succeeded In -6kg By Postpartum Diet!

There are many ways to start a diet to restore a slack body shape after birth. But it’s hard to continue until you get a result or keep it. This time, we will introduce the idea of Whamma who succeeded in -6kg postpartum diet in one year.
Diet who challenged postpartum diet. We practiced dietary management, light muscle training and daily stretching, and succeeded in losing weight -6kg and body fat -11% in one year. In addition, the lifestyle rhythm was changed to the morning style, and the evening meal was finished by about 18:00. I continue dieting at my own pace so that I can keep my body shape.

This yogurt parfait is often eaten for breakfast. All you have to do is make homemade yogurt, green juice, oatmeal, soy milk, topped with boiled red bean paste, black bean kinako, nuts, coconut flakes and cinnamon. Eating this every morning seemed to be effective in eliminating constipation.
In addition, I drink amazake soy milk black vinegar as a daily routine. Warm home-grown 16-grain rice amazake and unadjusted soymilk in a microwave oven, mix with black vinegar, and finish it as a trolley like drinking yogurt. Thanks to drinking every day, I was able to keep my skin smooth and moisturized, and there were no troubles that would otherwise be a diet.
Many canned mackerel are used for the meal menu. For example, mackerel cans and cabbage, stir-fried peppers, boiled foods combined with Koya tofu and Chinese cabbage. Even on a busy day, it seems that you can make a nutritious dish.
Training at home is done when you can do muscle training such as plank and squat for about 30 minutes a day. The trick is to do it slowly while being aware of the form. His favorite training was hip lift, and he felt that he had improved constipation, lower stomach belly and tightening his buttocks.
Introducing dieting habits that helped postpartum diets succeed. By continuing even a little every day, the results of the diet should appear. Find a diet that you can continue without giving up and get a beautiful body!
When heating a liquid in a microwave oven, it is rare that it does not boil even if it reaches its boiling point. The liquid in this state may suddenly boil with a slight stimulus, and the liquid may splash violently. Please note that it may cause burns.

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