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There are many people who originally like to move their bodies and want to move their bodies for health. There may be many people who want to start something in the fall that is comfortable to move their bodies. However, it is quite difficult to create time to exercise from daily life such as work and housework.
Therefore, we recommend walking. There are many scenes of walking in your life. If you can change it to exercise instead of just walking, you can increase the amount of exercise in your current life.
By the way, how long is it good for you to walk?
Walking is said to be good for the body, but walking is not as good as walking. Fatigue from walking too much can reduce immunity and, on the other hand, harm your health.

8000 steps a day. Walk for 20 minutes at medium speed
In the past, walking 10,000 steps a day was considered good for your health. Some may have aimed to earn more steps than 10,000 steps, following only the number of steps.
According to research, director of the Department of Exercise Science, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Health and Longevity, walking is recommended to be 8000 steps a day. The important thing is to walk for 20 minutes at medium speed.
As a guideline, you should walk fast enough to have a conversation with the medium strength. It is important to improve the quality of walking, not quantity. From here, let’s look at the points of consciousness you want to be aware of in order to improve the quality of walking.
Just walking is a waste! Increase your walking quality and change to exercise
Point 1 Take a correct posture before walking
The correct posture is important when walking. Before you start walking, make sure you have the correct posture.
Put the head and back, buttocks and heels on the wall. Pull your chin and straighten your eyes. Let’s keep the correct posture while feeling that the abdominal muscles are always strong without being warped and not warped too much.
Point 2 Walk with the correct way to walk
If you get the right posture, start walking. The correct way to walk is to land from the heel and shift the center of gravity toward the base of the thumb.
To walk from the heel, use the entire sole of the foot. As a result, blood circulation on the soles can be promoted and swelling can be expected. Let’s learn how to walk correctly, especially if you have concentrated on the outside.
Point 3: Keep moderate speed and stride
When walking as an exercise, it is said that there is an appropriate stride. That’s 45-50% of my height. If you are 160cm tall, your stride is 72-80cm.
Let’s walk at a strong speed for 20 minutes while keeping the stride. You should be able to feel that it is a considerable amount of exercise.
Point 4 Choose shoes that are suitable for walking
Each shoe has a role. Walking shoes are designed to reduce fatigue and reduce fatigue when walking. To keep you comfortable, we recommend wearing walking shoes that fit your feet.
Point 5 Time is also important. Avoid the morning and walk in the evening
Walking is said to be most suitable in the evening when the temperature of a person is the highest. On the other hand, walking early in the morning, when you wake up and dry your body, can cause heart disease and stroke.
It’s meaningless if it’s walking for health, but it causes illness. Avoid walking within an hour of getting up.
Tips for continuing walking while enjoying walking
Use time when commuting or shopping
If you think you have to go out only for walking, you will feel a bit confused. Let’s change walking to where you were on the train every day when you commute.
Listen to your favorite music or spend time studying
Let’s walk while listening to conversation data in the language you wanted to listen to or study your favorite music. If you are walking innocently, it seems to come into your head.
Challenge new ways
There are a lot of roads that you have never walked in even in the town you know well. If you turn on a road that has never been bent, you may meet a new shop.
Feel the changing seasons with your skin
Seasonal transition that you can’t really feel if you are just driving. The unique pleasure of walking is that you can pick up the colored leaves.

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